CONNECT: Why restaurants aren't deploying beacons

A recent panel at Networld Media Group's CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit discussed beacon technology's role with restaurateurs and retailers today.

How Arby's turned on energy efficiency without turning off customers

Environmental sustainability matters now more than ever, and with states like California entering their fourth year of record breaking drought conditions, no stone for conservation will go unturned.

Shades Reduce Glare at Chipotle

Sun glare is a common problem for many quick-service and fast-casual restaurant chains, whose storefronts often include large expanses of glass windows. Chipotle Mexican Grill has eliminated the problem by installing solar-screen shades that reduce heat and glare while maintaining outward visibility.

Sponsored by: Insolroll Window Shading Systems

CONNECT: The current state of mobile wallets and mobile ordering

A recent panel at Networld Media Group's CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit attempted to clarify today’s mobile payments market, which is becoming an increasingly difficult task when you consider the options available to merchants.

Why agile insights is the secret sauce of restaurant success

Rachel Schwartz of Crowdtap shares three ways that agile research tools aligned with millennials’ digital consumption habits can help QSR and fast casual brands get (and stay) ahead of the competition.

How Arby's turned on energy efficiency without turning off customers

Environmental sustainability matters now more than ever, and with states like California entering their fourth year of record breaking drought conditions, no stone for conservation will go unturned.

CONNECT: Does your mobile experience offer 3 crucial things?

Three components are necessary for a successful mobile experience.

Mythbusting: 6 myths why small brands 'can't' go international

Some smaller food brands incorrectly assume they cannot take advantage of the growing international food markets.

3 ways to use behavioral data to upgrade customer experience

Beacon and behavioral data can revolutionize how chains do business from the big picture to the day-to-day.

Mobile POS takes restaurant concepts offsite

Tech savvy CEOs and executives consider mobile POS systems as mini Enterprise Resource Planning systems similar to systems that drive food and beverage manufacturing companies.

Nontraditional footprint expansion: 7 points for success

Considering ways to expand that are off the beaten path can reach a new audience and teach you how to overcome unique challenges to build a more successful future.

McDonald's beats the heat with heat-sensitive McFlurry vending kiosk

When temperatures soared to record highs in Amsterdam, residents were rewarded with free McFlurries from a vending kiosk.

How one restaurant creates zero environmental waste

Pizza Marketplace.com spoke with founder Chris LaRocca about Crushed Red's eco-friendly culture and how the company achieved its zero waste goal.

Dispelling 6 myths of why small brands 'can't' go international

Many smaller food companies incorrectly assume they cannot participate in the growing importance of international markets.

The state of QSRs and digital video: You want mobile with that?

“Fast foodies” of all types are consuming more and more media on their smartphones and tablets. But the portion of digital advertising budgets dedicated to mobile remains small. Our data shows that QSR advertisers dedicate only 16 percent to mobile, suggesting that this opportunity hasn’t been fully tapped.

Craft brews go wild: Mint, melon, Asian flavors now trending

Move over wine lovers, craft beers are now in vogue in fast casual and QSR restaurants.

Arby’s send-off to Jon Stewart raises brand perception

It seems Arby’s got the last laugh Wednesday during the Daily Show’s second-to-last episode when it aired a 60-second commercial thanking host Jon Stewart for all the times he made fun of the brand. During the show, Arby's mentions on Twitter increased 564 percent, from 130 to 1,130.

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Villa Enterprises opening 2 new restaurant concepts in NY

Tony + Benny’s Brooklyn Style Pizza and a new South Philly Cheesesteaks & Fries prototype will open Aug. 27 in New York.

NRA: NLRB’s ruling upends 'joint-employer standard'

The National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) ruling in the Browning-Ferris Industries case has broad implications across several industries, including restaurants, according to the NRA.

Tully's Coffee launches iPad POS

Tully's Coffee has a new iPad POS.

Hardee's intros Cinnamon Swirl French Toast

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's latest breakfast sandwich is being supported by an ad campaign featuring UFC champion and Judo Olympian Ronda Rousey.

'McWhopper' not to be, Wayback Burgers issues offer

Burger King’s marketing effort to create a 'McWhopper' aimed at generating awareness for Peace Day has been declined by McDonald's. Wayback Burgers, however, wants to partner with Burger King to raise money for UNICEF.

Video highlights of CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit

This video highlights reel of the CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit reveals opportunities for enterprises to leverage mobile and digital channel in everything — from building out a brand to boosting sales and enhancing customer experience and engagement.

Egg-white replacer hits market to 'combat increasing egg prices'

Function Plus 150W replaces 50 to 100 percent of egg whites in sweet baked goods.

Taco John's planning 15 Indianapolis locations

Taco John's is set to build the first of 15 Indianapolis-area stores.

McDonald's Canada: kiosks will not replace employees

McDonald's Canada has recently announced that the move to integrate self-service kiosks in the chain's restaurants will not threaten job security for employees.

HME launches 2 automated products to boost customer service

HME Wireless' new technologies promise to help restaurants deliver better customer service in a timely fashion, optimize staff productivity and promote a clean environment for customers.

Wienerschnitzel has new mobile rewards program

Wienerschnitzel's app allows guests to pay using a mobile device and redeem points for free food.

'National Food Safety Month' highlights industry best practices

September is the National Restaurant Association's National Food Safety Month. This year's theme is "Let it Flow."

Krystal to celebrate National Lemon Juice Day

Social media users can win a free Krystal Lemon Cream Pie Milkshake.

Brazilian QSR chain Bob's puts digital signage on the menu

Brazilian digital signage integrator Digital News TV has announced its use of digital signage software for the deployment and growth of quick-service restaurant chain Bob's, one of the three largest QSR operations in Brazil, according to an announcement from software provider BroadSign.

Arby’s hires former Popeyes CDO

The new role highlights growth and brand opportunities.

McDonald's to open 20 locations in western Siberia

McDonald's is reaching out into the remote area of western Siberia.

Jared Fogle's conversations secretly recorded

Jared Fogle talked about sex with minors in secretly recorded phone conversations.

McDonald's apologizes for using viral photos of man getting engaged to burrito

There's no word on the engagement, but McDonald's has apologized.

Wixon introduces Mag-nifique Sour-Lift

Flavor modifier enhances the perception of sourness without adding acid.

Last chance to weigh in on 2015 QSR State of the Industry

The editors of QSRWeb.com are compiling an annual report covering the state of the QSR industry and need your help to ensure they provide an accurate overview.

Sloan’s Ice Cream to make San Fernando Valley debut

Sloan’s will open in LA's high-end outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment destination, The Village at Westfield Topanga.

Texas Chick-fil-A owner paid employees' salaries during remodeling

Jeff Glover, operator of an Austin-area Chick-fil-A, continued to pay his 50 employees, including giving them a $1 per hour raise, during the store's remodel.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen enjoys healthy sales, revenue growth

Company attributes menu changes, marketing and leadership as prime reasons for robust earnings.

NetWaiter releases new consumer site

The customer-centric site allowing visitors to view local restaurant info, find locations that deliver to them and get updates from their favorite places.

Wetzel’s Pretzels introduces Pizza Bitz

Fans decide which Wetzel’s Pretzels get Pizza Bitz first.

Subway's Jared pleads guilty to child porn charges

Just over a month after feds raided his home Jared Fogle is making a plea deal regarding child porn crimes.

Burger King kicks off home delivery in India

Want a Whopper delivered directly to your door? Burger King in India can do that thanks to a new home delivery service.

Dunkin' Donuts, Major League Baseball team up in social promotion

Fans of baseball and Dunkin' Donuts now both have a chance to win thanks to a new social network collaboration.

Pieology Pizzeria opens new Las Vegas, Los Angeles locations

Custom pizza concept Pieology Pizzeria announced today that its second Las Vegas location is now open in Hughes Center, across the street from the Marriott Residence Inn. The chain yesterday also announced it has officially opened its newest Los Angeles location in Westwood Village near UCLA.

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop celebrates fall with 'harvest lineup'

New apple-baked goods and beverages have been added to Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop's fall menu.

New York restaurants file objections to $15 minimum wage

Quick serve franchise owners in New York, in a prelude to a possible lawsuit, have filed objections to a proposal to raise the minimum wage of their workers to $15 an hour, according to the Associated Press.

New actor portraying ‘Colonel Sanders’

Three months after KFC reintroduced "Colonel Sanders," it has a new actor portraying him.

Breakfast twice a day? McDonald’s leads the way

McDonald’s is the favorite brand for those who like to double up on breakfast food.

Zenput plugs in new task-management features to drive consistent store experience

Streamlined project management features promise to save time and money.

McDonald's trimming its waistline

McDonald's will close more stores than open new ones this year.

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