Subway testing gluten-free options

The Subway restaurant chain is currently testing two gluten-free menu items in the Dallas and Tyler, Texas markets. The trial options roll out Jan. 10.

According to,  the gluten-free rolls and brownies will come prepackaged and individually wrapped. Sandwich Artists in those two markets will be trained on how to cut the roll with a pre-wrapped knife for one use only.

Also, to further avoid cross-contamination, that same Sandwich Artist will prepare the order from beginning to end, ensuring a 100-percent gluten-free meal.

Subway has long offered items and information for allergen-sensitive customers, and includes a comprehensive chart on its website outlining ideal options for those who stick to a celiac diet.

Celiac disease and gluten intolerance requires a strict gluten-free diet to repair digestive problems caused when wheat, barley, oats or rye is ingested. The gluten protein in these products destroy villi in the intestines, which ultimately breaks down the ability to properly digest. It can lead to malnourishment and osteoporosis, among other health issues.

Many quick-service chains are embracing gluten-free menu options in light of a growing awareness of this disease. In early 2010, for example, Burger King Corp. released a “Gluten-Sensitive List” which features food on the chain’s menu that doesn’t contain wheat, barley, oats or rye.

The increased rollout of gluten-free items not only appeals to a broader consumer base, it may also be a necessity, as lawsuits have been filed against chains for not disclosing gluten’s presence in products.

Ultimately, having a gluten-free component decreases the risk of making some customers sick, which is why it continues to be listed as a restaurant trend to watch for in 2011, according to Technomic research.

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User Comments – Give us your opinion!
  • Clarissa Parry
    I have Celiac Disease and a B2B Gluten-Free Bakery. I have really missed being able to go to Subway and I hope this new program they're testing will go nation wide! Thank you Subway!
  • Lisa Mietzel
    Wow!! That's fantastic...I use to LOVE Subway before I was diagnosed. Subway with out being on a bun...just doesn't taste the same. I would LOVE the chance to beable to eat coeliac friendly Subway!!! Well done Texas, I REALLY hope this will go world wide, especially Australia!!!! Well done Subway!!
  • Renee Foote
    PLEASE OH PLEASE It would be fabulous for Subway to go nationwide. The numbers are staggering! 1 in 133 people have Celiac Disease an 1 in 56 people have related issues. Celiac disease affects 1% of healthy, average Americans. That means at least 3 million people in our country are living with celiac disease—97% of them are undiagnosed. I think the more people that speak up, the better it is going to be for us that are diagnosed with Celiac.
  • Renee Foote
    By the way... I give Props to Subway for taking a leap on this.
  • Beverly Woods
    This is agreat development. I used to enjoy Subway sandwiches before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease ten years ago. If Subway had a gluten free option, it would give me another option for an on the go lunch.
  • maria little
    That is terrific news about Subway!! Do you know what brand cold cuts they will be using or bread? My husband is carpenter and has celiac. He has always been use to going to a deli to grab lunch. You offering this would make his life and your business even better.

    Please get this to the NEW YORK Subways!!
  • Renee Foote
    From what I read in the article... Subway is paying attention to the cold cuts and everything that goes along with it. For example making sure there is a different section where they make the sandwich so there is no cross contamination. This is the website that I found some of the information on:

    I think Time will tell if they stick to it and make it completely a GF area
    I sure hope so.
  • ERiC AiXeLsyD
    Well, while I appreciate the change in attitude towards those with special dietary needs, I can't help but be a little jealous. I'm allergic to shellfish, and I have been writing to Subway for YEARS trying to explain that little bits of creamy death fly all over the adjacent meats, cheeses, and vegetables when the ice-cream scoop of doom is used to create those disgusting seafood subs... let alone that using the same knife to cut all the subs while possibly pausing to wipe it "clean" with a dirty rag isn't exactly food-allergy cross-contamination friendly let alone sanitary. Those afflicted with allergies to peppers or tomatoes wouldn't appreciate the use of the same knife either. While I'm happy for the gluten-free community... I can't help but feel a resounding "what about the rest if us?" vibe.
  • ERiC AiXeLsyD
    My thoughts on the issue are expanded here:
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