McDonald’s Japan has launched a new line of “Big America” burgers inspired by Texas, Idaho, Miami and Manhattan.

This is an encore to McDonald’s Japan’s Big America campaign that ran last year and included burgers evoking the tastes of Texas, New York, California and Hawaii. The series of burgers attributed to the company’s record sales for 2010.

According to Inventor Spot, the chain’s Big America 2 campaign runs through the first quarter of 2011, beginning with the Texas Burger 2.

The original Texas Burger had the most success out of the Big America line. The 2.0 version features chili beans, bacon and onions served on a quarter-pound beef burger with American cheese and grainy mustard relish and a Big Mac-style bun.

The Idaho burger also includes grainy mustard sauce with bacon and onions topping a fried hash-brown potato patty, quarter-pound beef burger, slice of cheese and peppery sauce. It is available from late January until mid-February.

The Miami burger, sold from mid-February through mid-March, features a quarter-pound beef patty, lettuce, tortilla chips, shredded cheese and a moderately spicy tomato chili sauce.

Finally, the Manhattan Burger is a flashier version of last year’s New York Burger, and will be sold beginning in mid-March. It includes a slice of mozzarella cheese, lettuce, onions, a slice of pastrami and a sour cream-based sauce.

All four Big America 3 items are available for a limited-time only.


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