Pilot program created to 'look through the eyes of a McDonald's millennial'

March 18, 2014 | by Alicia Kelso

McDonald's Restaurants of the Greater Philadelphia Region are kicking off a new program in April unique to their market. The Tastemakers program was created to coincide with the brand's new Bacon Clubhouse Sandwich launch as a way to reach out to "socially active and creative young professionals."

Tastemakers is considered a "pilot" program and is currently exclusive to the Greater Philadelphia Region.

"The McDonald's Tastemakers program was assembled to encourage young professionals throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region to partner with us and grow both their personal and professional networks in a unique and collaborative way," said John Durante, president, McDonald's Restaurants of the Greater Philadelphia Region Owner/Operator Association.

Members will be hand-picked from all over the region based on their social presence and local community involvements. That social presence includes McDonald's new Snapchat account.

"The Tastemakers are a very socially active audience and will regularly engage with us across all of our social media channels. We encourage the Tastemakers to interact with McDonald's National Snapchat as well as engaging locally," Durante said.

The company is specifically seeking young professionals, or Millennials, and will partner with them in a focus group-type of way. Once members are announced (in the "near future"), the association will tap into their opinions and insight on both the McDonald's brand and the value and quality of its menu items, Durante said.

Additionally, the group will partner with McDonald's on future events, sponsorship opportunities and community projects.

"The Tastemakers program will continue to create events and experiences that offer our members elements of creativity and philanthropy through the eyes of a McDonald's millennials," Durante said.

In return for their insight, members will receive exclusive brand news, networking opportunities, exclusive Tastemakers swag and special giveaways to share with their social network.

To launch the Tastemakers program, McDonald's is partnering with Replica Creative to host the "Welcome to the Club" launch party on April 25.

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