Kronos outlines three trends transforming workforce management

Kronos Incorporated recently hosted an event with retail and hospitality executives, including those from Starbucks, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Forever 21 and more. According to a news release, attendees held discussions about trends – such as gamification, omni-channel, and global readiness...

Three Reasons Why Retailers and Foodservice Operators Should Embrace Cloud-Based Workforce Management Technology

Cloud computing is no longer a buzzword. It has permanently redefined existing markets and created new opportunities. In fact, according to Aberdeen’s Q2 Quarterly Business Review published in June 2011, cloud computing will be the largest area of technology spend in 2012 for leading organizations, cited by 38% of respondents.

Optimizing Efficiency and Experience: SMB Retail & Hospitality Workforce Management

Retail and hospitality organizations, particularly small and medium-sized (SMB) organizations, face critical challenges to remain competitive through improved productivity and the creation of a compelling customer experience that will bring customers back again and again.

Workforce Analytics: Turning Workforce Data into Business Results

Analytics is about data collecting, combining it in meaningful ways to create information, and assembling it into actionable reports. As organizations have automated more of their workforce processes, they have begun to collect more and more accurate data about the...

Navigating the Affordable Care Act

President Obama’s re-election in November 2012 appears to have secured the future of the ACA, making mandatory compliance a near certainty for U.S. employers. As a result, many employers are quickly moving beyond a “wait and see” approach and rethinking...

Tomorrow’s Retail — TODAY

The future of retail is all about customers and the retailer’s ability to serve and inspire them. Customers today are more in control of the retail experience than ever. With the total freedom they’ve come to expect from the digital...

Automating Social Recruiting for Better Hiring

Social media has become intrinsic to many people’s daily lives — including current and future employees of hospitality and retail organizations. Nearly half, 47 percent, of online adults use social networking sites, according to the Pew Internet and American Life...

Kronos: Workforce Mobile Scheduler

Kronos: Workforce Mobile Scheduler

B2C is a Beacon for B2B: How Consumer-based Technology is Reshaping Enterprise Workforce Management Software

Recognizing the basic value proposition of consumeroriented technologies — that users don’t have to sacrifice functionality for ease — the leader in workforce management, Kronos, is fundamentally rethinking the way business application software is designed and used, defining an entirely...

How to gain efficiencies in QSR workforce productivity

Workforce management solutions can help operators ensure the right people are in the right place.

A Complete Starter Kit for Time and Attendance

How to step toward selecting an automated workforce management solution that will help you control labor costs, and achieve immediate cost savings.

Labor management key to QSR cost savings

Operators who improve on training now are more likely to have profitable stores and happy employees.

Workforce management tools save QSR operators time, money

Automation solutions streamline the scheduling process.  

Investing in Workforce Management

In a tough economy, the first instinct is to pull back, avoid capital expenditures, and wait for improvement. But shrewd investment aimed at reducing costs while boosting revenues can mean the difference between limping out at the back end of the recession and emerging strong.

Implementing Retail Workforce Management:An Insider’s Secrets

The secret to rapidly realizing the full potential of a workforce management solution lies in how well it’s implemented. While a number of retailers are flocking to best-in-class workforce management systems to boost revenue, customer service, and employee satisfaction, only... launches publication: 'Driving Operational Excellence'

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — announces the publication of "Driving Operational Excellence," sponsored by Kronos Inc.

Ask the Experts: How can a workforce management solution streamline the hiring process?

High turnover rates create a costly expense for quick-service operators. So hiring the right employees is essential.

Ask the Experts: What are the primary benefits of implementing a hiring solution?

Implementing a hiring solution can provide a number of benefits to quick-service operators, as Kara Barker, director, Retail and Hospitality, Industry Marketing for Kronos Inc., points out.

Ask the Experts: How can an automated scheduling application save on labor costs?

Balancing employees' needs and scheduling requests can take time away from managers, time that could be better well spent managing operations. Kara Barker, director, Retail and Hospitality, Industry Marketing for Kronos Inc., discusses how an automated scheduling application can save time and labor costs.

Ask the Experts: How can a workforce management solution help operators navigate compliance issues?

Navigating the myriad of labor compliance regulations can be burdenson. An automated scheduling application can help managers implement all of them, especially the multiple compliance issues related to employing minors.

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