Barry Klein / Barry Klein is best known for creating the Ronald McDonald character and led the "You Deserve A Break Today" advertising campaign for McDonald's. In his current occupation as a marketing consultant, Klein has developed business-building concepts, new products and more for Coca Cola, Pizza Hut, Quiznos, Cadillac, Ruby Tuesday, Friendly’s, Perkins, Pay Less Shoes and others. He has been a key contributor to such projects as Stuffed Crust Pizza for Pizza Hut, Prime Rib Subs and Torpedoes for Quizno

Up? Down? Flat? What's really happening to restaurant visits?

In a confusing picture, it seems that restaurant operators are feeling upbeat, but overall, the number of away-from-home eating occasions are slipping a bit.

Late McDonald's CEO Fred Turner: Guardian of standards

Turner's attention to detail was the most important factor in the growth of McDonald's.

Food advertising protests endanger TV for kids

If some parents are happy to abrogate their responsibility for setting rules for their children's eating habits, they are not going to be happy when there is little or no television programming to be a babysitter.

A great idea is not enough

Consumers respond more favorably to professionally created and produced communications.

Beverage platform success is about more than just sales

Analyze the entire beverage platform, including the strengths and weaknesses of each item, not solely based on sales, but how it matched with the desires and demographics of your customer base.

Are restaurant marketers missing the big spenders?

Restaurant occasions are integral to the Boomer generation's demographics, so why aren't brands marketing to them directly?

Serve kids meals, go to prison?

After McDonald's is fined in Brazil for its Happy Meals, is it possible something like that could happen in the U.S.?

Burger Wars will heat up again

Wendy's and Burger King have the right leadership in place to get back to positive sales and competitiveness.

Is there a Steve Jobs in the restaurant industry?

There are an unusual number of stars in the restaurant industry firmament — probably more than most other categories of business.

A hidden resource for restaurants

Lettuce Entertain You's expertise comes from its footprint in virtually every restaurant category and with nearly every type of menu.

Kids have tastes, too

The deluge of news about changes and restrictions in Kids Meals, and new offerings that are supposed to make kids healthier and happier is most interesting. Here we have Kids LiveWell offerings, there we have new combinations like apple slices...

Dining decisions are difficult

Having a personal conversation with your customers helps you find out why they're there and how to get them to come back.

Are fro-yo stores today's ice cream parlors?

Fro-yo's comeback is attributed to more variety, a bigger demand for healthy food and a fun, social experience.

Nutritional standards in children's marketing has deep consequences

Children's television programming could be affected - and ultimately disappear - from drop in advertising revenue.

Turano Baking extends family to restaurant partners

Turano family members, including the younger generation, have become leaders in developing and testing innovative bakery products.

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