Culver's hires new director of menu development

Culver Franchising System Inc. has announced that Quinn Adkins will take over as director of menu development.

Sysco steps away from US Foods acquisition following federal court injunction

Sysco Corp. won't be appealing a federal court ruling against its planned $3.5 billion acquisition of US Foods and will be going back to the drawing board to determine other venues for expanding its food distribution business.

NY restaurant owners to governor: Keep NY open for business

More than 100 restaurant owners and operators representing hundreds of restaurants across New York sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo imploring him to keep New York open for business.

Online menu maker upgrades platform

Online menu maker iMenuPro has upgraded its platform to help restaurateurs and small business owners create menus without investing enormous amounts of time and energy.

QSR outperforming FSR sales, report says

QSR sales increased 5.2-percent on the index, while full-service FSR sales increased 1.4 percent.

McDonald’s offering consumers healthier choices

McDonald's has made a global commitment to increase customers' access to fruit and vegetables.

Chain restaurants want health care law reform

The National Council of Chain Restaurants supports court's ruling.

Suzanne Greco named president of world's largest QSR

Suzanne Greco, who began her tenure with Subway as a sandwich artist in 1973, is now running the “world’s largest QSR” as its president.

EuroBake unveils artisanal buns for growing gourmet burger trend

Americans ordered 9 billion burgers at restaurants in 2014, a 3-percent increase from the previous year.

Cyclists can now carry McDonald's meals on their bikes

The struggling chain released its latest ad, which features a new form of packing created in partnership with ad agency, Tribal: The McBike, a box that enables cyclists to carry the company's burger, fries and drink.

Coffee driving restaurant domination in UK, report says

The report includes an analysis of market size outlets and transactions in the U.K. and key players in the U.K. foodservice market.

Filter aims to reduce kitchens' carbon footprint, operating costs

A new filter system captures waste heat from cook lines to preheat water, an ecologically-friendly feature intended to save commercial kitchen operators thousands of dollars a year on gas bills.

Webinar download available: 'Why You Can't Afford to Miss the Fast Casual Pizza Revolution'

A free webinar, "Why You Can't Afford to Miss the Fast Casual Pizza Revolution," is now available for download.

Registration open: 'When Seconds Count - Ensuring Retail Business Continuity' is joining forces with Sierra Wireless to offer a free webinar, “When Seconds Count - Ensuring Retail Business Continuity."

Cinnabon debuts sausage for entry into breakfast segment

Available at participating locations nationwide, Sausage Bites are made with Cinnabon dough wrapped around a breakfast sausage and served with a side of warm maple syrup or mustard.

Dairy Queen celebrates 75th with snacks, hot desserts, artisan trends

Dairy Queen has introduced its DQ Bakes! menu with nine products across three categories: Hot Desserts à la Mode, artisan-style sandwiches and Snack Melts.

McDonald's Monopoly contest draws more than 500K contestants

Buenos Aires, Argentina-based McDonald's franchise company Arcos Dorados is giving customers in Brazil a chance to win a million dollars as it prepares for the millionaire Monopoly drawing.

OrderSnapp launches free POS for pizzerias, small restaurants

The tablet is designed for startups looking to control investment costs and current restaurant owners who want to avoid expensive upgrades on old POS systems.

McDonald's growth bites the dust with shrinking U.S. store count

Though McDonald's thrived during the recession with its dollar menu, fast casual chains like Chipotle and Five Guys Burgers and Fries that focus on healthy, quality foods have eroded the company's dominance.

Millennials eat more veggies than other age groups

A survey found that 84 percent of Americans aren’t eating the USDA recommended daily minimum of four vegetable servings and nearly half have no explanation as to why.

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