Restaurant Performance Index declines in July

The National Restaurant Association's Restaurant Performance Index (RPI) registered a modest decline in July.

Taco Bell Foundation for Teens promotes high school graduation pledges

The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens partnered with GetSchooled and Viacom to encourage teens to finish high school.

Dunkin' Donuts partners with Penn State

Dunkin' Donuts of Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania is partnering with Penn State Athletics for promotions.

DQ may be latest victim of data breach

Dairy Queen may have been hit with a data breach that could put customers at risk of credit card fraud.

Russian courts uphold closing of three McDonalds

Russian courts have upheld the temporary closure of McDonalds' three units in Moscow.

Meritage Hospitality Group acquires 20 Atlanta Wendy's units

Meritage Hospitality Group has acquired 20 Wendy's units in Atlanta.

Arby's adds gyros to menu

Arby's will add beef and turkey gyros to their menu on Sept. 1.

Chick-fil-A testing new breakfast options

Chick-fil-A is testing six new breakfast options, including a chicken and waffle pairing.

Tyson Foods, Hillshire complete merger, announce leadership

Tyson Foods, Inc. has completed its merger with The Hillshire Brands Company.

NRA releases safe food handling training guide for food banks

The National Restaurant Association has released "ServSafe Food Handler Guide for Food Banking," its food-handling training guide for Feeding America's broad network of food bank employees, agency staff and volunteers.

Study reveals most employees see a future for themselves in restaurant industry

As the most extensive research of the restaurant sector workforce in decades, “Who Works in the U.S. Restaurant Industry,” details the opinions of nearly 5,100 Americans who currently work or formerly worked in the industry, as well as those who own or operate restaurants.

Execs acquire Tubby's Sub Shops

Robert Paganes, CEO of Tubby's Sub Shops, and Executive Vice President Bill Kiryakoza become sole partners of the Michigan-based company.

El Pollo Loco continues Southwest expansion with 20 unit deal

El Pollo Loco announces an agreement with AA Pollo Inc. to develop 20 new units as the first step in a multi-year franchising initiative in the greater Southwest.

Technomic report highlights lunch daypart tips and trends

Considering that consumers regularly eat lunch away from home – a couple of days a week on average -- operators do well to try to snag a larger share of visits during this highly competitive daypart.

Wendy's moving into $2.5 billion Indian market

Wendy's will take its first step into India in 2015, according to The Economic Times.

KFC re-enters Zimbabwe, plans 25 more stores

KFC re-enters the market in Zimbabwe, opening a store in Harare.

McDonalds builds 'music experiences' into ordering app

McDonalds is building online "music experiences" into its online food-ordering app.

Familiar ingredients, good descriptions help Americans make healthy food choices

A new study by Mintel reveals that 27 percent of American diners prefer to order healthy meals with familiar ingredients.

Snack foods making their way onto plates

U.S. consumers are eating traditional snack foods, particularly snacks with a perceived health benefit, in between and at meals, and this behavior will drive the growth of snack foods eaten at main meals over next five years, reports The NPD Group.

Arby's 'Meat Mountain' causing a buzz

You won't find it on any Arby's menuboard, but the Meat Mountain is making waves in social media, according to Business Insider and other sources.

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