Arby's franchisee implements RTIconnect back office software

Feb. 8, 2012

Bentley-Miller Corp., a 20-unit Arby's franchisee, has implemented RTIconnect back office software throughout its restaurants.

Carter Miller, a partner at Bentley-Miller, said the new system is easy to use and has lowered food and labor costs at the restaurants.

"When it came time to pull a weekly report across all the stores, it was an arduous process to say the least," Miller said. "With RTIconnect you just click a couple of boxes and you push a button and you've got your answer right then and there. You can write a schedule much quicker and rewrite it according to your business, whether sales are up or down."

RTIconnect updates the corporate view after every user change. Users can enter or change items such as inventory counts, time punches, or purchases and then immediately see up-to-the minute numbers.

Store managers, Miller said, track about 20 inventory items every day and depend on RTIconnect's Daily Food Variance, Daily Labor Variance, P&L, and Menu Analysis to monitor operations.

"With increasing food costs, the ability to track where we stand every day is a key component. RTIconnect helps us do that, to keep track daily of exactly where that efficiency is, or where the yields are, and what we have got to really work on," he said.

In addition to using the standard RTIconnect reports, Bentley-Miller also uses the Report Designer to create its own custom reports.

With restaurants located in four states – Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming – the company's three district managers and director of operations rely on RTIconnect's web-based reporting for remote access to store information. Each morning they view performance results and debrief store managers while reviewing their store's sales and labor.

"We found that we've been able to get a more accurate food cost number, by store and across stores. I know that we've brought our food cost more in line with the target by at least a point to a point and a half, and our labor is much easier to control. We've saved about a point on labor, too. It's been a substantial savings," Miller said.

RTI is a Microsoft Certified Partner and is in use at more than 10,000 restaurants.

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