Burger King expands Positive Steps menu in Latin America

Feb. 5, 2013

Burger King's menu in the Latin America/Caribbean has expanded significantly. The brand announced multiple new products, many of which were created in line with its BK Positive Steps program, offering healthier alternatives to signature items.

"Our guests love the taste, value and convenience of our food," said Jose R. Costa, vice president marketing for Latin America/Caribbean Region, Burger King Corp. "These exclusive new menu items will enhance the Burger King experience for our guests by providing a variety of delicious new flavors and choices that are better for you."

New items include:

  • Guacamole value burger;
  • Sautéed onion value burger;
  • Sautéed mushrooms value burger;
  • Ranch salad with popcorn chicken, guacamole, tomato and a three-cheese blend;
  • Ranch wrap, which is the ranch salad served in a tortilla;
  • Popcorn chicken;
  • Fish bites;
  • Strawberry/banana smoothie and mango smoothie;
  • Oatmeal, available in plain or maple and brown sugar flavors; and
  • Italian breakfast burrito, with a sausage patty, egg, marinara sauce, mozzareela cheese, hash browns, peppers and onions served in a wheat tortilla.

Additionally, Burger King is now offering apple juice, Buddy Fruits and oatmeal raisin cookies for kids.

Available online and in brochures, the BK Positive Steps program gives families recommendations for making small changes in five key areas to make a difference to their health. These areas include eating more fruit and vegetables, eating less sugar and fat, eating healthier snacks, encouraging portion control and eating together as a family. The program was rolled out last year throughout all restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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