Burger King sued over hot coffee

Jan. 10, 2013

Burger King is the latest quick-service giant to face a lawsuit over hot coffee. A Louisiana woman has sued the company for injuries she claims she sustained when a Burger King coffee spilled on her while going through a drive-thru.

According to the Louisiana Record, the customer filed the lawsuit against Burger King Corporation and its franchisee Strategic Restaurants Acquisition Company LLC on Nov. 7.

In the suit, she claims the lid of her cup fell off while a drive-thru employee handed her the coffee, causing "serious burns on her arm, chest and stomach." The plaintiff also claims that the employee applied wet, cold napkins to her skin after the incident.

Burger King and its franchisee are accused of failing to properly secure the lid, serving coffee at an extreme temperature and failing to use "due care."

An unspecified amount in damages is sought.

Burger King rival McDonald's has been the defendant in numerous "hot coffee" lawsuits, including for a suit filed in 1994 that drew national attention and set a precedent for subsequent cases, as the jury awarded the plaintiff millions in punitive damages.

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