Cinnabon president goes undercover for reality show

Nov. 13, 2012

Cinnabon Inc. president Kat Cole will be featured on the CBS reality series "Undercover Boss" at 8 p.m. EST Thursday.

Cole said the experience helped her see how many dedicated employees are helping to propel the brand.

"Being with the brand for almost two years, I wanted to go undercover to talk to our employees about what they are dealing with day to day and how the changes our team has made have impacted them, our brand and our guests. This was a unique opportunity to do that without being recognized," she said. "I walked away incredibly proud of our brand and with an even deeper understanding and appreciation for the unsung heroes throughout the Cinnabon system."

Cole decided to participate in "Undercover Boss" to be a hands-on leader. She regularly visits bakeries around the world, often working alongside employees.

She was named president of the company in 2011 and, at age 34, is the youngest "boss" to be featured on the show. During the show, Cole worked as a bakery cashier, machine operator, coffee host and bakery manager.

As a result of "Undercover Boss," several company-wide initiatives have been put into place, such as more efforts toward multicultural marketing, engaging employees in local fundraising efforts and a greater emphasis on product sampling.

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