El Pollo Loco sued over wage dispute

Dec. 10, 2012

On Nov. 21, a wage and hour class action lawsuit was filed by Los Angeles employment attorneys against El Pollo Loco Inc., alleging the company committed multiple California Labor Code violations, including allegedly systematically neglecting to pay their employees for all hours worked.

According to a press release, El Pollo Loco employees alleged that they were required to clock out of El Pollo Loco's timekeeping system and continue working off the clock in order to complete their assigned job responsibilities.

Additionally, the complaint alleges that El Pollo Loco failed to allocate enough labor hours to each of their restaurants, which forced a smaller number of employees to complete the work. The complaint claims that these employees were systematically denied compensation for the actual number of hours worked.

The attorney representing the El Pollo Loco employees, Norman B. Blumenthal, stated "implicitly requiring employees to work off-the-clock is an easy way to enhance corporate profits. This is done at the expense of the employee and it is illegal."

Magana, et al. vs. El Pollo Loco, Inc., Case No. 30-2012-00613901-CU-OE-CXC is currently pending in the Orange County (Calif.) Superior Court for the State of California.

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