Empathica launches social media component for CEM solution

March 26, 2013

Empathica Inc., a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to multi-unit restaurants, has added third-party feedback and enhanced text analytics capabilities to its platform. The new universal feedback API allows businesses to import any unstructured text feedback — such as online reviews, social network comments, call center transcriptions, direct feedback, email and open-ended survey comments — and view it alongside structured survey feedback.

"Businesses are tasked with making sense of an intimidating amount of feedback from customers," said Simon Palmer, chief technology officer, Empathica. "The challenge brands face in filtering inbound data from surveys, email feedback and social media is how to turn it into manageable actions for the company. These new capabilities allow brands to understand how they are executing through structured survey feedback, as well as tap into trends in what customers are saying about them through unstructured outlets, such as social media."

The ability to analyze both structured and unstructured feedback through one platform gives brand and location managers access to a new source of actionable insights that can be used to deliver better customer experiences, according to the company. Brand managers can use this aggregated view to identify trends, while location managers can use a focused localized view to train their staff to meet the needs of local clientele.

In addition to the feedback API, Empathica has extended its capabilities in text analytics technology with integration into its local software program. Features include:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities allow businesses to analyze both sentiment and frequency of unstructured text feedback;
  • Real-time analysis of comments at all levels of an enterprise, from local unit managers to area coaches and upwards to corporate brand champions, allows businesses to understand the context of comments and issues as they occur;
  • A comments tab that serves a central viewing point for customer feedback and
  • An updated, easy-to-navigate view that adds to a better client user experience.

Using the Text Analytics tool, businesses can also gather valuable information that they can apply to future marketing and customer engagement efforts. The tools provide sentiment analyses, enabling managers to see what topics are being mentioned in a positive or negative context, including support for multiple languages.

"This new set of capabilities provides brands with an end to end view of multiple feedback channels to drive action," Palmer said.

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