FohBoh launches social media guest feedback tool

Aug. 15, 2011

FohBoh, Inc. announced today the release of FOHBuzz SnapShot, a social CRM reporting tool that delivers real-time, guest satisfaction analysis to help make restaurant operators more successful.

FOHBuzz SnapShot allows both chain and independent restaurateurs to access real-time "crowd-sourced" reviews and opinions to better manage guest satisfaction and gauge social media marketing efforts. With FOHBuzz SnapShot restaurateurs can build loyalty while managing their online reputations. FOHBuzz is the only vertical social media information resource that provides guest satisfaction from multiple sources and is relevant to the foodservice industry.

The new tool allows operators to order a report tapping into customer sentiment in near real-time to learn what their customers think and say about any single restaurant location.

In addition, operators can learn how effective their local social media marketing efforts are working represented by The FOHBuzz Score.

FOHBuzz SnapShot can be accessed exclusively through the restaurant community and is only available to registered members for $25 per report.

"With the general release of FOHBuzz SnapShot, we are able to leverage the power of the social web to build restaurant-ready applications that integrate Social CRM with real-time guest satisfaction data" said founder and CEO Michael L. Atkinson. "Knowing what's being said about your brand is one thing. Knowing what to do to improve your social score is where FOHBuzz really helps."

FOHBuzz is powered by Chatmeter, a San Diego-based social software development company that provides reputation monitoring software to a wide array of industries. Chatmeter helps its clients understand what people are saying about a business online (reviews, blogs, social media) in a single place.

Read more about social media initiatives here.

Topics: CRM , Customer Service / Experience , Marketing / Branding / Promotion , Operations Management

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