Gold Star Chili launches vegetarian options

Feb. 24, 2011

Gold Star Chili has introduced a vegetarian chili variation of its famous Cincinnati-style 3-way, as well as a full line of new veggie chili menu options.

The new meatless options include a bowl of veggie chili, veggie chili burrito, veggie chili burrito bowl and veggie chili salad.

The items were created because of high demand.

“More and more consumers are demanding flavorful, but meatless menu options,” said Charlie Howard, Gold Star vice president of marketing. “A bowl of Gold Star veggie chili is only 160 calories, loaded with vegetables, full of fiber and protein and features the same spicy, uniquely Gold Star flavor as our regular chili. As such, our veggie chili has become the foundation of a whole new line of vegetarian variations of classic Cincinnati-style menu options.”

With a promotional focus on vegetarian chili menu items, Gold Star hopes to expand its customer base to include those who observe a strict vegetarian diet (Gold Star veggie chili is vegetarian and vegan), those seeking healthier lifestyle choices, regular Cincinnati-style chili lovers who crave the flavor and can now enjoy an additional “guilt-free” chili occasion, and in the short term, people who observe Lent.

Gold Star Chili’s new veggie chili 3-Ways and other veggie menu items will be introduced with a 6-week advertising campaign utilizing television, radio, billboards, digital and social media elements, beginning Feb. 28, just in time for the Lenten season.

The new vegetarian lineup will be available in all of the nearly 100 Gold Star Chili locations throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.


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