Greenpeace declares victory with KFC UK packaging commitment

Nov. 1, 2012

Environmental organization Greenpeace has declared a win over KFC UK & Ireland this week, after the company committed to excluding packaging suppliers who pulp the Indonesian rainforest.

Greenpeace launched an investigation earlier this year that discovered KFC's use of packaging paper produced by Asia Pulp & Paper, a company that pulps the rainforest.

A blog on the Greenpeace UK website said:

"Following this (investigation), hundreds of thousands of you took action to tell KFC to pull up their socks, whether by email, phone, Twitter, Facebook or by petition. Your voice has made this issue impossible to ignore and we are starting to see the result with KFC UK & Ireland at last taking action. This encouraging new commitment means KFC UK & Ireland will stop using paper supplied by Asia Pulp & Paper ... Importantly, it also sends a message to these companies that if they continue to use rainforest and tiger habitat to make paper, they will continue to lose customers."

Greenpeace added, however, that its followers need to keep pressure on KFC's parent company Yum! Brands to introduce a global policy about the issue. KFC UK & Ireland is just one of the 100-plus markets that KFC and Yum! operate in.

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