Jack in the Box redesigns website to cater to mobile users

Jan. 30, 2013

Jack in the Box has debuted its completely redesigned website (jackinthebox.com), created to "heighten the engagement of online visitors," according to a company press release.

The redesign showcases attributes of the Jack in the Box brand as well as its fictional CEO, Jack Box. The new site includes surprises aimed at entertaining visitors in unexpected ways. For example, a photo filter customizes Jack in the Box products, "Easter eggs" are hidden in the location finder, and an interactive zipper that, when unzipped, rewards website visitors with animated food images and other content.

"We want to give our guests an exciting, new online presence, while keeping the tone consistent with the brand our fans know and love," said Nick Fletcher, DVP of Marketing Communications at Jack in the Box. "We felt that it was time to take a major leap forward. The new site pushes our brand into new territory and engages Jack fans like never before."

The redesign was executed by Struck, a Salt Lake City-based agency and the brand's digital agency of record since 2012.

"We want to reward brand loyalists for poking around the site," said Matt Anderson, creative director in Struck's Portland office. "Whether it's an animated .gif of a cat riding a bacon rocket or a photo filter that puts Seasoned Curly Fries in a 'Jungle Cat' setting, we're providing the audience with a range of social objects that can be shared with their friends."

Driven by mobile users

The site's redesign was driven by the increase in mobile users.

"Our strategic approach was always to match the behavior of our core audience," said John Gross, strategist and account director in Struck's Portland office. "A significant amount of the traffic to this site is from mobile devices. So we started with a mobile-first approach, always asking how everything would look, function and perform on mobile devices. With this new site, we plan to significantly increase the number of repeat visitors, while prompting them to share what they've discovered with their social networks, raising overall consumer brand awareness of Jack in the Box in the digital sphere."

Along with the new brand site, Struck also redesigned the Jack in the Box corporate website (jackintheboxinc.com). The new corporate site streamlines navigation and more efficiently provides business information for potential franchisees, investors and other key stakeholders.

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