KFC asks Facebook fans whether to add cookies to menu

Nov. 29, 2012

KFC has introduced the Festive Feast, an eight-piece meal accompanied by a dozen chocolate chip cookies.

"Between the planning, shopping and decorating, we know that sometimes it's hard to relax with the family and really enjoy the holidays," said Jason Marker, chiefm arketing officer for KFC U.S. "With the introduction of the Festive Feast, families can put the hectic pace aside and sit down for a fresh, delicious meal and top it off with a sweet treat."

Available at participating KFC locations, the Festive Feast includes eight pieces of chicken, two home-style side items, four biscuits and a dozen chocolate chip cookies for $19.99.

KFC's chocolate chip cookies are baked in store. And the brand known for its secret recipe for fried chicken now has another proprietary formula to hide away in its vault: a unique recipe for the chocolate chip cookies sold in its stores.

The cookies were developed by the chefs in the KFC test kitchen who noticed a trend of sweet and savory flavor combinations.

The KFC team struck up a conversation with the brand's 5.5 million Facebook fans — and the concept of a limited edition, prototype Original Recipe cookie was well received.

Responses included: "Chocolate chip cookies and KFC, MMM, MMM, good!!" from Marianne U. and "Sweet and salty, yum," from Charlotte D. The feedback was positive enough for KFC to move forward with the "O.R.C. Recipe Project."

Soon after, KFC chefs were testing a series of recipes to create a cookie that combined the two tastes. After many hours of baking, dozens of cookies and feedback from taste test volunteers, the team decided on a final recipe.

"Move over bacon cupcakes! There's a new sweet and savory treat in town. Well, at least it's available in our hometown test kitchen," said Bob Das, KFC corporate chef. "The Original Recipe Cookie is a treat like no other and what makes it so fun is that it was our social media fans who inspired us to develop this prototype recipe."

While the limited-edition Original Recipe Cookies are not available in-store, KFC is asking fans to vote online at facebook.com/KFC about whether the dessert should be added to menus nationwide.

Read more about social media crowdsourcing.

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