KFC's brings back Double Down, claims 'bread is dead'

April 21, 2014

KFC's Double Down sandwich, which features two Original Recipe chicken filets in lieu of a bun, has returned to the U.S. menu for a limited time.

The sandwich also includes bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and the brand's Colonel sauce.

When the sandwich originally launched in 2010, the company sold more than 10 million in the first month and extended the promotional period due to popular demand.

For its relaunch today, the KFC website claims that "bread is dead."

"The Double Down's quest for world domination has continued since, with the product being launched in countries from Japan and the Philippines to South Africa and Australia. Now it's back home in the U.S., but only for a limited time," the site said.

In its press release announcing the product's return, KFC simply said, "America, you're welcome."

The Double Down is available now through May 25.

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