KFC/Taco Bell locations deploy mobile payment solution

Nov. 29, 2012

Fourteen co-branded KFC/Taco Bell restaurants in the Los Angeles area have deployed mobile payment solutions from provider Kuapay. The launch was announced today by franchisee Great American Chicken Corp (GACC).

The Kuapay system allows diners to pay for their food with their smartphones. Customers who download the Kuapay Mobile Wallet app to their device and link any credit or debit card can use the system. After customers place their food order, the cashier scans the Kuapay QR code on their phone. The bill of sale is then instantly displayed on their mobile device, and customers then tap their phone to approve the payment.

Kuapay is compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

The launch follows a two-month pilot program and encompasses locations in Los Angeles County, Orange County and the Ontario, Calif., area, including stores near Loyola Marymount University and UC-Irvine.

The new payment system is a first in the U.S. for GACC, which operates 71 Yum! Brands locations, including KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, as a franchisee.

Kuapay's mobile payment platform incorporates coupons, reward cards and loyalty programs, as well as the ability to pay with all major credit cards directly from a smartphone.

Broadening the customer base

According to a press release, the Kuapay system enables GACC's L.A.-area locations to capitalize on the growing mobile payments trend. Tony Frazier, chief operations officer for GACC, believes the payment platform complements the chain's move toward a more high-tech, trendy atmosphere that will enable the company to attract new customers and a broader demographic.

"The mobile revolution has dramatically changed the way people shop and pay, and this new system from Kuapay enables us to eliminate barriers that limit customers to only certain types of payments," Frazier said. "Now, customers can pay however they'd like quickly and securely, which we expect will help us attract a younger demographic at our KFC restaurants and enhance the customer experience across all our locations."

GACC also plans to use Kuapay's built-in mobile marketing program to attract new customers with targeted promotions by offering users a "spend $15, earn $3 back" loyalty program.

"Rather than blanket the entire area with coupons, Kuapay lets us more carefully target our efforts to reach a more receptive and captive audience, and get a better return on our investment," Frazier said.

Kuapay founder and CEO Joaquin Ayuso de Paul added that the quick-service restaurant segment is ideal for mobile payments because of its speed.

"Kuapay speeds the transaction process to get customers on their way," said Kuapay founder and CEO Joaquin Ayuso de Paul. "The system delivers near-immediate ROI with low merchant transaction fees, zero start-up fees and no-commitment monthly pricing."

Kuapay is currently serving quickservice, restaurant and retail locations throughout southern California and New York. The company has integrations with traditional POS software providers including Micros, Positouch and Dinerware.

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