McDonald's Australia installs DNA spray to deter robberies

Jan. 15, 2013

McDonald's units in Sydney Australia have partnered with British company SelectaDNA to install a security system that sprays thieves with a "non-toxic solution with DNA code."

According to ABC News, a string of robberies at McDonald's locations in the area prompted the installation. The system is now in test at six restaurants and, if proven successful, could be deployed throughout Australia.

The "Intruder Spray" solution was introduced in 2008. It features a "UV tracer and unique DNA code" that links perpetrators to a crime scene. Cops are able to use a device that detects the spray, which glows under UV light.

The spray is triggered by a thief and can be synced to an alarm system or panic button at a business or residence. It is harmless and too small to be seen by the human eye, but will remain on a perpetrator for weeks or longer, according to the story.

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