McDonald's UAE turning vegetable oil into fuel

Dec. 14, 2012

McDonald's in the United Arab Emirates is making good on its 2011 promise to recycle its vegetable oil. Its fleet of cars has traveled a combined 808,411 miles, diverting about 80 percent of its carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere by using the biofuel processed by Neutral Fuels, according to

"This milestone marks a proud moment in the history of McDonald's UAE," Rafik Fakih, managing director and partner of McDonald's UAE, said in the story. "In just 17 months, we've achieved incredible results which have made a significant contribution to the reduction of our carbon emissions in the Emirates. We hope to take this sustainable initiative a step further by increasing our usage of biodiesel in the years to come."

Karl Feilder, CEO of Neutral Fuels, said the company operates a closed-loop system for McDonald's UAE, where every drop of biodiesel is converted from the chain's own used vegetable oil and is used in 100 percent of their logistics fleet in an ongoing recycling process.

"Every day McDonald's proves that biodiesel is a viable long-term sustainable alternative for the environment," he said in the story.

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