Restaurants should look to mobile payments for competitive edge

Dec. 28, 2012

Electronic Commerce International, a provider of credit card processing for small business, has predicted that 2013 will be another big year for mobile payment solutions among small and medium size businesses. Further, ECI CEO Jim Anderson said it could could become vital to keeping many small merchants competitive. 

"We've already seen from this holiday season that well over 20 percent of sales are going to be from a mobile source, and that is expected to rise," Anderson said. "For our small business merchants, getting a mobile payment system in your store front is going to be crucial to be able to continue to compete."

According analysts at Forbes, this can be especially true for those in the restaurant business. In December, the company reported that "currently less than one in 10 table service restaurants offers electronic table-side payment or mobile payment, and those are some of the things that the industry's key demographic — 18- to 34-year-olds — want."

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