Sonic deploys PeopleAnswers HR solution

Jan. 24, 2013

PeopleAnswers has signed a software licensing agreement with Sonic. As part of the agreement, the 400 company-owned Sonic Drive-Ins will use the PeopleAnswers HR solution in identifying and selecting employees.

"To remain at the top of our industry, it takes great people who will stay longer and perform better," said Anita Vanderveer, vice president of People, Sonic Corp. "With both mobile and desktop access, PeopleAnswers is an easy-to-use tool for our managers in the field and our applicants, and it will bring consistency to our hiring process while increasing employee quality in all of our locations."

Sonic managers will use the intuitive, web-based PeopleAnswers personality assessment to prescreen, behaviorally assess, select and hire all hourly and management employees for its company-owned locations. As a result, Sonic will have a consistent, automated pre-employment testing process that will help its leaders make quality hiring decisions using easily accessible information.

PeopleAnswers will identify the Behavioral DNA of existing employees, allowing Sonic to duplicate traits of its most successful employees in all of its new hires to improve productivity and increase employee retention.

Managers will also use PeopleAnswers as a guide for candidate interview questions as well as onboarding and succession planning. PeopleAnswers will integrate several Sonic HR functions so that assessment, tax credit programs, background checks and onboarding are a single, streamlined process.

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