Study shows QSR value ads drive traffic

April 19, 2013

Using its 24-hour AdPi Express ad testing service, Phoenix Marketing International has found that ads including some sort of value message are significantly more likely to drive QSR visits than other ads in the category.

Phoenix recently tested TV ads for brands including Wendy's, Subway, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell and McDonald's. The ads featured value messages representing a wide range of offers and were compared to Phoenix's QSR advertising norms.

Specifically, 50 percent of consumers polled answered they were interested in visiting a brand in the next 30 days if that brand featured an ad with value messaging. This is compared to 31 percent for ads without value messaging.

In addition, the results show that value messaging can work well even at higher price points. For example, spots for Wendy's "Right Price Right Size Menu," Subway's "$4.50 Best Deal in Town" and KFC's "$19.99 Family Value Meal" were among the strongest performers in terms of their potential to drive visits.

"This is great news for QSR brands," said Anne-Marie Duffy, president of the Communications & Brand Analytics Practice at Phoenix Marketing International. "Knowing that consumers' perceptions of value can go well beyond the typical 'dollar menu' gives QSRs a high degree of flexibility in pricing and the types of menu items they can offer."

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