Subway recognizes Summit Group Communications' markets

Feb. 22, 2013

At the annual Subway Team Operations Marketing & Planning (STOMP) Summit, Subway restaurants recognized 10 of 202 markets for their success and leadership by naming them "Market of the Year."

Of those recognized, three markets are represented by The Summit Group Communications (TSG), an independently-owned advertising and public relations firm based in Utah.

"We've been working with Subway restaurants since 1988," said Bill Paulos, founder and CEO of TSG. "This recognition goes to show you that you can't get too familiar or complacent; you have to always bring new and successful ideas to the table. We're honored to have that challenge with an ever increasing number of markets each year."

The three TSG markets awarded Market of the Year include Charlotte N.C., Richmond, Va., and Charleston S.C. The agency represents 32 Subway markets in total, spanning from Florida to Washington.

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