Subway sued over 'footlong' claim

Jan. 24, 2013

A week after a photo went viral showing a Subway footlong actually measuring in at 11 inches, two New Jersey men have sued the company for false advertising.

According to the Associated Press, the plaintiffs filed the suit Tuesday in Superior Court in Mount Holly (N.J) on behalf of Subway's customers.

Subway initially responded to the viral photo saying that the sandwich length can vary if the bread isn't baked exactly to corporate standards. The plaintiff's lawyer said he measured sandwiches from 17 units and all of them were less than 12 inches.

However, a report on today's Good Morning America showed a footlong Subway sandwich that did measure 12 inches, as well as some that were actually longer than 12 inches.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages and a change in Subway's practices — either ensure the sandwiches measure a full foot or stop its "footlong" advertising campaign.

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