TCBY kicks off rebranding, new prototype launch

June 7, 2010
TCBY has completed the development of its new prototype, a modern store design with a self-serve model. The new design and service model is intended to propel the company in its effort to reclaim its spot as the frozen yogurt category leader.
The simple, yet contemporary, new brand identity will put forth the 30-year-old brand's vibrant and relevant side even as the company reminds consumers of its longevity in the category.
"We feel like the tone of the experience, energy, and choice self-serve offers the consumer is not only a dramatic departure from our current experience, but a departure from the category as a whole," said Timothy Casey, CEO of TCBY, in a news release. "Today's announcement is the culmination of tremendous strategy, research and creative execution by our internal team and agency, StruckAxiom, to bring this trifecta concept, design, and brand identity to a realization. More important, it's symbolic of the new TCBY, a pioneer ready to infuse and lead the movement around a growing frozen yogurt category. Today is one of many steps in that direction."
Offering a pre-opening peek at its prototype and new brand identity, TCBY is showing the industry, future franchisees and consumers its high expectations for the new store prototype by opening its first corporate store with the new look and self-serve model, the company said in a news release. The new prototype store is scheduled to open in July in its hometown of Salt Lake City, and TCBY expects its core customer and existing franchisees to respond favorably across the country. More important, it's looking to expand its appeal to a broader consumer base as well as increase franchisee interest in hopes of generating a record year for franchise sales.   TCBY also believes its size and infrastructure give the company a competitive advantage to scale the new prototype aggressively as demand grows. According to VDC Research, TCBY enters the market during a growth spurt where investment in self-serve solutions is expected to grow from $3.2 billion to $5.8 billion by 2013. Possibly more relevant is a post-recessionary culture that is embracing the independence and convenience of a Do-It-Yourself mentality that's playing an important role in the economy's financial recovery, particularly for the retail and restaurant industries,
Store design
With a distinct color palette and welcoming social lounge, the new store design boasts a clean, progressive personality with smart functionality for both consumers and employees. Mindful of the concept's vision, TCBY has created a self-serve customer experience that is both accessible and attractive.
Upon entering the store, customers are greeted by 10 to 16 soft-serve flavors boasting 98 percent fat free and sugar free frozen yogurt and sorbet options. After choosing their favorite flavors, guests approach an extensive toppings bar brimming with fresh fruit, granola and a variety of dry and hot toppings to finalize their creation. Pricing is done by weight at $.39 per ounce.
To accompany the contemporary store design, TCBY also refreshed its brand identity throughout the store experience. TCBY requested a simple, yet empowering, logo that would remain a recognizable, iconic depiction of the company's trademark acronym.
StruckAxiom, along with Foster Research & Consulting, conducted focus groups on TCBY's behalf to gauge consumer sentiment on the refreshed logo. Those consumers felt the new logo and identity were clean and simple, and spoke to freshness, health and relevancy, the company reports. TCBY will incorporate variations of the updated logo on in-store and outdoor signage, packaging, employee uniforms and marketing collateral.
"From conception to roll out, TCBY has empowered us to explore boundaries and blend art with commerce while creating an experience that will resonate with existing and new customers," said Brent Watts, executive creative director at StruckAxiom. "It's OK if customers walk into the new store and recognize, 'this is not your parent's TCBY.' It's designed to be cross generational."
TCBY has more than 600 locations in the United States and internationally.

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