Wendy’s franchisees deploy WyckWyre recruiting solution

May 16, 2011

Conklin, N.Y.-based WyckWyre, a web-based recruiting solution developed specifically for the restaurant and hospitality industries, has recently been tapped by several Wendy's franchisees to help them recruit better employees.

By doing so, WyckWyre's solution includes a fully customizable Virtual Interview process for each applicant, saving managers time hiring new employees when compared to traditional hiring methods.

Additionally, the system's filtering capabilities, inherent through the Virtual Interview process, pull applicants who best fit what hiring companies are looking for.

"Having been in the restaurant business for 30 years, using WyckWyre is truly a time saver. The system is easy for my general managers to use and easy for them to train. Besides saving a tremendous amount of time on phones calls and reference checks, the quality of the applicants is much higher," said Anne Williams, owner of 17 Wendy's units.

WyckWyre has developed a fully branded solution for Wendy's, including a universal hiring site for all of its franchisees, that will help applicants in their local area find stores that are hiring and open positions within the chain's system. The current functionality and new processing features include I-9 verification, Work Opportunity Tax Credit Processing, background checks and payroll integration.

"Our goal is to help Wendy's Franchisees, as well as other concepts, significantly reduce the time and money spent on finding and hiring quality employees. By helping them reduce turnover on an annual basis, we have shown them how the WyckWyre system will actually save them in excess of six figures on an annual basis just in hiring and training costs" said Mike Rogers, director of sales for WyckWyre.

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