Wendy's new ad campaign focuses on ingredients, preparation

April 30, 2012

Wendy's new advertising campaign, which debuted this month, focuses on consumer food choices and the benefits of choosing "Wendy's Way" with quality ingredients and individual preparation.

The first spot features a female consumer advocate who challenges food lovers' meal choices so they can discover a better option. In the new commercial for Wendy's Signature Sides, she helps a consumer discover she can "do so much better" with her lunch by trying Wendy's new side items. Once the consumer agrees, she proclaims, "Now that's better," which becomes the commercial tagline.

This advertising approach will support Wendy's traditional product or promotion in four- to six-week periods.

Additionally, Wendy Thomas, the company's namesake and one of founder Dave Thomas' daughters, serves as the brand ambassador. In her ad spots, she connects the traditional values of her father with today's consumers, placing importance on fresh preparation and premium ingredients.

Advertising featuring Wendy will not be tied to a particular promotional period, but will run throughout the calendar year, reinforcing the brand's core values. In a TV spot she says that "When quality is your recipe, you serve only the best," and that "We never cut corners on anything."

"We hold ourselves to higher standards in food ingredients and preparation. We take great efforts to ensure our products are made-to-order the right way with fresh, quality ingredients, and we believe this results in better tasting food," said Bob Holtcamp, Wendy's senior vice president of Brand Marketing. "Our new campaign focuses on communicating these longstanding points of difference to today's consumers who are looking for a better experience."

Wendy's announced it was moving away from its longtime, successful ad campaign – "You Know When It's Real" – during its last earnings call in March.

At that time, CEO Emil Brolick said the goal of the new campaign was to take the company's messaging to another level.

"Too many consumers don't have top of mind knowledge of what makes Wendy's better, different. Our goal is to compete for share of mind, not just to sell products; to make an emotional connection with consumers," he said.

The new campaign was created by Wendy's agency, Publicis Groupe's Kaplan Thaler Group.

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