White Castle doubles food scrap recycling program

April 22, 2014

White Castle today released an update about its recent sustainability efforts, including the switch to recycled brown paper sacks and corrugated Crave Cases made from 100-percent recycled material.

Also, according to the company, in the past year, White Castle has more than doubled its recycling efforts at its Columbus, Ohio-area restaurants (six to 16 units) participating in the scraps diversion program, and has expanded the program to plants in Vandalia and Cincinnati, Ohio. This effort has more than doubled the food scraps diverted from landfills.

White Castle now diverts nearly 10 tons of food scraps per month to Ohio Mulch where it is made into garden soil and compost called Green Envy, which is used for planting flowers at White Castle restaurants in Central Ohio, a news release said.

Additionally, since 2009, White Castle's home office improved its existing recycling program by finding alternative outlets for specific waste streams. This program increased recycling efforts by 30 percent, which reduced waste and hauling costs by 60 percent.

Restaurants built since 2010 (40 restaurants) are 22 percent more energy efficient than older units because of new technology such as fan controls and lighting.

Additionally, since 2010, White Castle has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1 percent every year.

White Castle just published its first Social Responsibility Overview, and more information about the company's initiatives is available online at whitecastle.com/company/gone-green.

"Our team at White Castle has shown a commitment to achieve a more sustainable future through improvements in energy efficiency and recycling," said Shannon Tolliver, social responsibility and environmental sustainability manager at White Castle. "Throughout the year, we continue to educate our team members about cost-effective ways we can become more naturally focused by reducing energy use and waste in all of our facilities"

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