Wireless Ronin for Food Service

Our talent is creating marketing technologies designed to drive the customer cycle. That means getting customers into the restaurant, influencing their decisions once there, and building brand loyalty to bring them back more frequently.

We provide an array of marketing technologies that address the needs of quick serve restaurants, fast casual and managed food services industries. Using one platform, you can manage all your indoor and outdoor digital menu boards, promotional displays and interactive kiosks from one central location.

This allows you to update your messages instantly, so you can:

  • Comply with menu labeling regulations
  • Showcase specials, promotions and new products
  • Utilize various levels of on-site or off-site control
  • Create 100% immediate compliance

In addition, we provide the technology to launch promotions, new products and limited time offers (LTO) via social, mobile, and web, as well as the in-store signage. We’ll help you create initiatives to boost product and promotions awareness, launch multi-daypart digital menu programs or provide loyalty incentives to bring customers back more frequently.

  Products and Services
  • RoninCast® Software

    RoninCast® Software

    Wireless Ronin Technologies proprietary RoninCast® software is a dynamic digital media solution for signage, kiosks, mobile, social media and web giving customers the power to deliver and manage marketing and advertising campaigns.

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  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

    At the heart of our digital signage solution is our cloud-based RoninCast network management and content management software platform. It gives our clients the power to deliver and manage marketing and advertising campaigns with the touch of a button.

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  • Interactive Kiosks

    Interactive Kiosks

    Building one-to-one relationships and addressing the individual needs of customers is key to any sales environment, especially where sales staff turnover is high and product knowledge is low. We have developed and managed thousands of interactive kiosk systems for clients in the retail, automotive, food services, and public space markets.

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  • Mobile


    Mobile marketing and digital signage have an unparalleled synergy, allowing today’s technically rich, time poor consumer to place your marketing message in their pocket. From the screen to their hands, you can deliver rich content and increase your touch points with relevant and timely mobile messaging to your consumers.

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  • Social


    Today’s consumer is inundated with messages and traditional marketing which has ceased to grab the attention of these consumers as it had in the past. People are now turning to their social networks and in turn, they are buying socially.

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  • Web


    Mix together the experience and creativity of our web development team with our approach to content engineering, and we’ve built a long history of client solutions that have been engineered for browser-based presentations on desktops and mobile devices.

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  • Digital Media Solution Services

    Beyond the technology, every deployment, project and installation requires a wide range of services to ensure its success and meets our client’s expectations; on time, on budget and on target. From our highly creative content engineering group to our 24/7/365 Customer Support Center, Wireless Ronin provides the necessary services and support with a proven track record of success.

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