Using Analytics to Get the Most Out of Digital Signage

Digital signage offers a great deal of promise, but how do you know if it's delivering?

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Three Benefits of Depot Services for Restaurant Equipment Repair

Cost savings, better reporting and better tracking are all part of the package with a new style of repair agreement.

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Three Ways a POS System Can Maximize Restaurant Profits

Better control of labor and food costs, as well as increased upselling and improved loyalty programs, help restaurants stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Keep Your Restaurant Running When Your Network Goes Down

With restaurant operators increasingly dependent on the Internet to run their businesses, having a way to cope with network outages is critical.

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10 Rules for Amazing Customer Service in Your Restaurant

To really succeed in the restaurant business, providing good food is only part of the battle. In order to win over customers and create a loyal following, you have to have amazing customer service.

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Planning, Equipping and Marketing Non-Alcoholic Beverage Programs

Bars get a lot of attention for their beverage promotions. From happy hour to trivia night and sports night specials, everyone is familiar with the ways in which bars try to entice customers to partake in their cocktail offerings.

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Installation & Service Technologies (IST): National Reach and Decades of Field Experience

No matter what the scale of your job IST has the know-how and the feet on the street to execute your plan quickly and with industry-leading skill and professionalism. Our nationwide field staff of highly trained technicians—strengthened by a support...

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Everything You Need to Know About Bar Refrigeration

When it comes to equipping your bar, selecting the right refrigeration is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. Beer, wine, liquor and mixers all have to stay cold, and they all have to be easily accessible to your bartenders and wait staff.

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Refrigeration for Pizza Restaurants

With a large selection of models and solutions available, commercial cold storage options impose a vast set of choices - especially if you are opening a restaurant for the first time. The usefulness of commercial refrigeration in any restaurant is...

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How to Select the Right Ice Machine for Your Business

This report breaks down all of the variables into six easy-to-follow sections that will provide you with information to make the best choice possible in regard to purchasing your new ice machine.

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Making Every Glance Count: Digital Signage and Integrated Technologies in QSR

New technology is allowing restaurants to have integrated, all-digital systems that improve efficiency and decision making. Real-time data is available to tailor marketing, back-office and training efforts to maximize sales.

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HR Practices

Find, hire and retain the best employees you'll ever have.

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