Simple solutions to minimizing food waste


Food waste is a fact of the restaurant business, and for something that cannot be completely avoided, the toll it takes is steep. Food waste has a spectrum of consequences that spans the erosion of profits to negatively impacting the ecosystem and harming the sustainability of the planet.


Is your restaurant green?

Even though going green may cost more than conventional items, consumers are willing to pay more for the opportunity; for them it is not an indulgence but a necessity.

More restaurant chains aiming for green certification

CEO of Green Restaurant Association talks about the spike in environmentally-friendly efforts throughout the past few years.

Trendy "organic heirloom menu innovation"

Cultivate and grow your plants according to USDA organic certification guidelines to maximize the marketing and great taste appeal of these plants.

Subway continues commitment to Eco Restaurant model

Sandwich chain now has 14 green units open, with more on the way.

Coffee chains ramp up cup recycling efforts

Starbucks' third annual Cup Summit features Tim Hortons' participation, focuses on existing challenges in achieving 100-percent recycled goal.

It is easy, being green: Tips to make a restaurant eco-friendlier

Customers not only prefer restaurants that embrace eco-friendly elements, they're also starting to expect such efforts.

EVOS co-founder discusses being healthy before it was trendy

Burger joint eyeing expansion through nontraditional units.

Are you serving flexitarians?

After a decade of intense meat worship, chefs are procuring, preparing and serving vegetables with the same love and attention they previously reserved for Ossabaw pork or grass-fed marrow bones. If you're not vegetarian or carnivore, what are you? The...

McDonald’s 2012 Olympic plans include its largest unit in the world

Details announced today about chain's new program to encourage children's nutrition and activity.

NRA 2011: Saving oil and energy one French fry at a time

Jim Anglin, product manager at Henny Penny, talks about the Kitchen Innovation Award-winning PriMelt oil converter.

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KFC UK's edible coffee cup made from cookie, smells like grass and flowers

KFC U.K. will unveil an edible coffee cup later this year.

New eco filter to help restaurants earn green certification, save on gas bills

Next Step Living, provider of home energy solutions in the Northeast, today announced it is entering the commercial energy-efficiency market by launching the Eco Thermal Filter System designed to help restaurants save on gas bills.

Tech, choice among driving consumer trends for 2015, says NRA

It's not surprising that today's restaurant consumer expects restaurants to offer technologies which make the dining experience as frictionless as possible, and prefers restaurants whose offerings support what's important to them.

After July 1, NYC will say goodbye to polystyrene foam single-use packaging

Polystyrene foam is not recyclable, and can interfere with recycling and waste reduction efforts by contaminating other recyclables.

Dunkin' Donuts launches green restaurant initiative

Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a new program called DD Green, a green building certification program designed to help franchisees build sustainable, energy-efficient restaurants. In conjunction with the launch, the company celebrated the grand opening of a DD Green-certified restaurant in...

La Prep now sells Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee exclusively

La Prep announced recently that all of its coffee is now sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. The change took effect June 9. Rainforest Alliance certification helps support the rights and well-being of farm workers, the conservation of natural resources,...

District of Columbia bans polystyrene food, beverage containers

The Washington Post reports that Washington, D.C. lawmakers voted Tuesday to ban the use of plastic-foam food and drink containers by 2016.

LeanPath releases latest food waste prevention system

LeanPath Inc., specialists in food waste prevention systems, announced the availability of its next-generation food waste measurement solution — the LeanPath 360 Food Waste Prevention System. The LeanPath 360 Food Waste Prevention System consists of the LeanPath Tracker 2.0, a...

Czech McDonald's hosting electric car charging station

McDonald's Corp. in the Czech Republic has partnered with power company CEZ to open a charging station for electric cars. According to the Wall Street Journal, the McDonald's station is the 25th developed by CEZ. CEZ plans to open more...

Taco Bell's green prototype unit to open in W. Va.

A new Taco Bell restaurant in Kenova, W.

Domino's, McDonald's UK commit 5 percent food waste reduction

Domino's Pizza and McDonald's are two of about 70 companies in the United Kingdom that have committed to the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, and to cutting food and packaging waste by 5 percent by 2015. The agreement was introduced...

Carl's Jr. restaurants retrofitted with energy-efficient motors

Blue Earth Inc., an energy efficiency and renewable energy services company, has announced that it has completed the installation of 1,655 energy efficient EC motors in 358 Carl's Jr. restaurants located in California, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The value of the completed retrofit program was approximately $288,000.

McDonald's listed on EPA's Top 50 green organizations

McDonald's USA LLC (No. 11) has made its debut on the U.S.

Arby's hires company to create Strategic Energy Plan

Arby's Restaurant Group Inc. has announced that it will work with Ecova, a total energy and sustainability management company, to create a comprehensive Strategic Energy Plan that will provide a short- and long-term roadmap for actionable energy savings and measurement....

Subway introduces 95-percent recyclable salad bowls

The Subway restaurant chain has announced that its salad bowls and lids are now made from 95 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials; predominately from plastic soda and water bottles. By using the 95 percent PCR, the Subway brand is keeping...

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