Int'l Franchise Association, Cyber Security Alliance caution franchisees about cybersecurity

International Franchise Association and the National Cyber Security Alliance will create materials to support a culture of cybersecurity.


How to protect your restaurant from a fire

Poorly cleaned hoods and ducts account for 21 percent of all restaurant fires.

The top 13 risks to restaurant operations

By having the correct equipment, protocol and training in place, a restaurant will limit its risk and perhaps even reduce Workers' Compensation costs.

6 reasons why robbers will pick your business

Robbers pick the path of least resistance and for those who fail to implement the elements of robbery prevention, the chances of being robbed rise exponentially.

Why my employees won't steal from me: 5 myths

Studies on workplace behavior, criminal investigations on employee fraud, and anecdotal stories have proven that the workplace environment must be controlled to avoid theft.

Redecorating with loss prevention

A good loss prevention program starts with an assessment of the current processes in operation.

Credit Card Skimming – A business and customer nightmare

"Hey man; how do like your job at that fast food place?" "It’s alright. It gives me a bit of cash for some bills, and I get to eat for half price." "So, do you work much in the drive-thru?" "Yeah, I work the drive-thru cash quite a bit.

Employee hotline – Avoid passing in the no passing zone

Employee Hotlines encourage employees to report incidences when they observe unsafe conditions or inappropriate behavior, and promotes a culture of ethical behavior and honesty.

The most important issue facing restaurant owners today: tip reporting

I’ve worked many years for tips. I began my restaurant career when I was 14 (don’t tell the Labor department).

NRA 2012: Cintas

Cintas launched its new floor care program at the 2012 NRA Show in Chicago. The company's floor-care solutions were created around three central themes: protect, maintain and deep clean.

Is it real or counterfeit? Practical tips in detecting counterfeit currency

Recognizing fake bills comes down to training that is easy to comprehend and makes sense, yet doesn't slow down the operation.

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Webinar to explore hiring, employee theft

On Thursday, Feb. 20 at 2 p.m.

SSP America expands DTT surveillance partnership

DTT has announced an expanded partnership with SSP America's North American division. The relationship began in late 2011, and has continued to grow, with DTT installing its 100th SSP location last month. As a provider of loss-prevention solutions with hardware...

Good Times loses 5 business days to Colorado floods

Good Times Restaurants Inc. reported that it lost a total of 5.5 business days of sales throughout its system due to Colorado flooding.

Panasonic launches new video surveillance, security solutions

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a provider of integrated security and surveillance solutions, will showcase its latest video surveillance technologies and solutions at ASIS International this week in Chicago. New offerings on display at the show include Panasonic's...

Restaurant loss-prevention event experiences double-digit attendance growth

The Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (formerly NFSSC), recently completed its 34th Annual Conference, at the M Resort, Aug. 4-7, in Las Vegas. More than 300 LP professionals participated in the meeting, marking a nearly 30 percent increase from the year prior.

Dunkin' Brands' franchisee deploys loss prevention solution

Odyssey Technologies Inc., manufacturer of Remote Eyes digital video management systems, has announced that Dunkin' Brands' franchisee Franchise Management Services Inc., has deployed its POSWatch Enterprise. Franchise Management Services Inc. owns and operates the majority of Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin...

5 risk management tips for the food industry

SullivanCurtisMonroe Insurance Services LLC, a California-based insurance agency, has provided five risk management tips for the foodservice industry. Coverage for supply chain risk. Supply delivery can be interrupted by many factors, including adverse weather, infrastructure issues, price increases or damage to a supplier location.

Triton launches updated software for cash management solutions

Triton has released updated versions of software for both the VersaSafe and VersaLink smart safe, cash management solutions. Both updates will work in concert and are loaded with increased functionality, allowing operators to be more efficient when managing and obtaining...

EyesOn Digital rolls out BI and Surveillance Suite for QSRs

EyesOn Digital, a global provider of integrated security solutions, will introduce its Business Intelligence & Surveillance Suite for restaurants, QSRs and hospitality establishments next month at the NRA Show in Chicago. Since 2001, EyesOn Digital has been designing and installing...

Subway deploys exclusive loss prevention surveillance system

EZUniverse Inc., a software development company, and Independent Purchasing Cooperative Inc., the independent Subway franchisee-owned purchasing cooperative, announced a new store management platform called Subway Loss Prevention Surveillance System. It is now available to all 38,000 Subway restaurants worldwide. "Subway...

Popeyes franchisee deploys loss-prevention video service

Envysion Inc., a Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) provider, announced that Wali Enterprises, a Popeyes franchisee, is rolling out Envysion to all of its locations to combat loss. "Combining Envysion's managed video as a service solution with the Popeyes...

Video: MMF adds security feature to cash registers

MMF recently rolled out a new Advantage line for cash registers that includes extra storage for coin rolls and other iteams, and a hidden compartment for larger bills. The objective, according to Jack Dorton, MMF's channel manager, is to help...

McDonald's Australia installs DNA spray to deter robberies

McDonald's units in Sydney Australia have partnered with British company SelectaDNA to install a security system that sprays thieves with a "non-toxic solution with DNA code." According to ABC News, a string of robberies at McDonald's locations in the area...

Carl's Jr., Hardee's franchisee selects Envysion video provider

Envysion Inc., a Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) provider, announced that Jason and Carl LeVecke have selected Envysion as their exclusive video provider and are half way complete with a full rollout out to their franchise partnerships, including approximately...

Popeyes selects Envysion as video provider

Envysion Inc., a Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) provider, announced that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has completed deploying the company's Envysion Insight solution to all corporate-owned restaurant locations. Popeyes will use Envysion's video-driven Business Intelligence in its 40 company-operated locations...

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