Are you following the 12 dos and don'ts of restaurant financing?


Although there is no secret recipe for raising funds to open a business, there are some practices that should always be followed and even more to avoid.


Are you following the 12 dos and don'ts of restaurant financing?

Although there is no secret recipe for raising funds to open a business, there are some practices that should always be followed and even more to avoid.

How 'informed' employees will make you more money

Developing a culture of learning is a 365-day commitment that will motivate your staff and have a significant impact on your bottom line if you put in the time and effort.

How helping employees reach financial stability will help your restaurant

Helping employees achieve financial stability by educating them on the public benefits already available not only helps improve the quality of their lives, but also give your restaurant a competitive advantage and a way to save money on insurance and turnover costs in the long run.

Groupon, PeachWorks execs discuss how technology benefits operations

The CEOs of Groupon's Breadcrumb and PeachWorks discuss how their technology can help restaurants and retailers stay relevant.

Top 3 things to know about hourly hiring in 2015

The upcoming year will be filled with changes and trends that affect how you interact with both job seekers and current employees.

State of the Union puts minimum wage, 30-hour work week, joint employer issues in the spotlight

It's been a busy week in Washington. From the State of the Union address to the Supreme Court to more on the minimum wage, here's a round-up of hot public policy topics for restaurants.

Strong growth ahead in 2015, predicts the IFA, but threats are looming

While the economic forecast is strong, headwinds caused by the NRLB's joint employer ruling, minimum wage hikes and ACA implementation could curtail QSR franchise growth in 2015.

Competition for talent among hot trends for employers in 2015

The upswing in the economy means competition for talent will heat up in 2015. That means employers need to up their game when it comes to attracting and retaining the best team members.

Hurdles expected to remain in place in 2015 for restaurant operators

In addition to record-high commodities prices, labor inflation, technology costs and health care/menu labeling regulations, there is also intensified competition in foodservice.

Going back to the basics always works

Refer to the failures of your company's ancestors because there is a lot to learn there.

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Bruster's Real Ice Cream names VP of marketing, product development

Jennifer Brinker has been named vice president of marketing and product development for Bruster's Real Ice Cream.

QR-scanning app helps restaurant owners find employees

ZippyApp enables job seekers to complete one common job application online and submit it in on a smartphone, tablet or computer to apply to any restaurant in ZippyApp’s employer network.

Dunkin' announces new VP of federal & state government affairs

Effective Aug. 31, 2015, Michael R. Shutley joined the company as vice president, federal & state government affairs.

Arby’s deploys custom-learning program with Bellevue University

Arby's and Bellevue University have partnered to develop an educational program for Arby's employees.

New York restaurants file objections to $15 minimum wage

Quick serve franchise owners in New York, in a prelude to a possible lawsuit, have filed objections to a proposal to raise the minimum wage of their workers to $15 an hour, according to the Associated Press.

Subway recognizes 'World's Fastest Sandwich Artist'

SUBWAY Sandwich Artist Nitasha Truss, from Tucson, Arizona, is the 2015 SUBWAY Sub Jammers Champion.

NRA announces alignment with Zip Schedules

Zip Schedules provides a stream-lined system for operators and managers to create clear, manageable employee schedules.

Wienerschnitzel adds new director of franchise development

Ted Milburn has been named Wienerschnitzel’s new director of franchise development and brought significant experience to the table, according to a recent report.

NRA: Restaurants serving opportunity for America’s youth

As summer winds down and students head back to school, the NRA is highlighting the restaurant industry’s role in providing job opportunities to millions of young people.

McDonald’s adds to board of directors

McDonald’s recently added to its board of directors, hiring John Mulligan and Lloyd Dean, according to a recent report.

HotSchedules delivers mobile task management, communication, accountability app

Logbook is a mobile task list and communication tool that can replace or enhance traditional paper systems.

CKE selects former Hardee's crew member for COO

Williams started his career at Hardee's as a crew member in 1983, advancing through the ranks in various management positions at both company and franchise operations.

Wendy's VP joins Wingstop as president of international markets

Prior to joining Wingstop, Larry D. Kruguer served as vice president, International Joint Ventures and Key Markets at Wendy's International, leading development and market expansion for more than 400 international units in nearly 30 countries.

McDonald's hires former Obama advisor for global communications role

After hiring the creator of Dove's award-winning 'Real Beauty Campaign,' Silvia Lagnado, McDonald's has named former White House press secretary and adviser to President Obama Robert Gibbs as global chief communications officer.

Creator of Dove's 'Real Beauty Campaign' joins McDonald's

McDonald's Corporation announced the appointments of Robert Gibbs as executive vice president, global chief communications officer and Silvia Lagnado as executive vice president, global chief marketing officer.

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