Four Strategies to Negotiating a Rent Reduction

Preparation, facts and a good attitude can go a long way to trimming a restaurant's lease.

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Eliminating Voids in a QSR

Excessive voids waste customer time, increase food costs and can point to employee theft. A point-of-sale system that reduces voids can help.

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Understanding Enterprise-Level POS Solutions

Centralized control enables easy access to POS management, including centrally stored files, role-based access and remote configuration.

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Security Beyond PCI Compliance

A successful security strategy relies on understanding the business environment, establishing a comprehensive solution and taking proactive steps to protect networks.

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Driving Operational Excellence

Labor costs are one of the biggest expenses QSR operators face. Workforce management automation can help ensure the hiring of more productive employees, freeing managers to focus on tasks that increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

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PCI Compliance Made Easy for Restaurants Accepting Credit Cards

WendCentral Corp., the largest Wendy's franchise in the United States, needed to ensure PCI DSS compliance when it began accepting credit card transactions. It turned to the SecureConnect solution from BHI Advanced Internet, which offered security services and technical support, ensuring the safety of customer information.

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Making Every Glance Count: Digital Signage and Integrated Technologies in QSR

New technology is allowing restaurants to have integrated, all-digital systems that improve efficiency and decision making. Real-time data is available to tailor marketing, back-office and training efforts to maximize sales.

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Survival Of The Fittest

Everywhere business leaders turn, they find nice-sounding, easy-to-swallow, seemingly plausible solutions to their problems.Corporate leaders talk to their peers, copy their competitors, and copy each other, and the theory becomes a managerial fad. Do any of these “canned” theoretical solutions...

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To Focus Group, Or Not To Focus Group?

In an age of information databases, network connectivity, interactive media, and the Internet, quick access to consumer information has become the norm. Though neither high tech nor electronic, focus-group research has also become a popular tool for getting consumers’ opinions...

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Public Sector Use Of Internet Surveys And Panels

Marketing research is easily adaptable to the Internet, and the medium has opened the door to many would-be marketing research suppliers. We believe, however, that the best research will come from those firms that predate the revolution; that is, those firms that are raised in the methods and traditions of high-quality marketing research.

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Fast Food Chain Maintains Training Excellence with Online Tests

Maintaining consistency of quality and service within a chain of fast food restaurants takes constant vigilance. Restaurant managers need to understand food preparation processes in addition to keeping their finances in order and maintaining high standards of cleanliness and fast...

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Increase sales with online ordering

Simply put, is an online food ordering solution for any restaurant who seeks a cost effective online ordering presence.

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