Meizhou Dongpo Builds Scalable Business with Toast Enterprise POS System

Meizhou Dongpo Builds Scalable Business with Toast Enterprise POS SystemPublication Type:
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Meizhou Dongpo’s CIO Eric Yang, says the expansion to five locations in the U.S. in the Los Angeles area was driven by the restaurant’s mission to bring people together with the power of food to inspire and unite.

“We believe that there is currently a misrepresentation of Chinese food outside of China. Many subtle and delicate flavors present in authentic recipes are often missing in Chinese food produced abroad,” Eric says. “Meizhou Dongpo’s American brand is a high-end representation of authentic Chinese cuisine rooted in rich history and vibrant culture. We focus not only on culinary execution but also on the interior setting and ambiance to create a truly memorable dining experience.”

Riding the momentum of their enduring success in China, Meizhou Dongpo has big plans for expansion in the U.S. market. Eric is responsible for ensuring the proper infrastructure is in place to build a successful enterprise.

For Eric, the restaurant POS system is the lynchpin of business operations.

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