[WEBINAR] POS “Locks & Cameras”: The Controls You Need to Stop and Prevent Employee Theft

[WEBINAR] POS “Locks & Cameras”: The Controls You Need to Stop and Prevent Employee TheftPublication Type:

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Employee theft erases 7 percent of annual sales every year in the average US restaurant. That’s a lot of lost profit, disappointment, and broken trust. In this webinar, we share the proven strategies leading restaurant chains use to identify theft and fraud—and prevent it from happening in the first place.
  • Recognize how and why employees steal.
  • Set up new “locks and cameras” in the POS to eliminate opportunities for theft and fraud.
  • Learn what to look for, and how to spend less time watching.
  • Discover new tools to prevent and investigate theft.
  • Stop losing money and sleep. 

Meet the panelists

Jennifer Wiebe
Marketing Manager
SpeedLine Solutions

Jennifer Wiebe manages marketing for leading pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. She is also editor in chief and a regular contributor to On Point: The Restaurant Technology Blog.

Arick Allen
Training Specialist
SpeedLine Solutions

Arick Allen is a systems trainer and point of sale subject matter expert at SpeedLine Solutions Inc. He runs the company's certification programs and provides in-depth training courses for restaurant operators, trainers and technical staff. 

Shelly Whitehead
Editor of PizzaMarketplace.com and QSRweb.com
Networld Media Group

Multimedia journalist, S.A. Whitehead, has 30-plus years of experience uncovering the treasures hidden inside the stories of the world's businesses and the people who've built them.

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