Checkers ditches the drive-thru for Walmart presence

Oct. 25, 2013

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. is expanding its presence across the country through a new signing with Twin Towers Trading Site Management. The burger chain, which has traditionally focused on its double drive-thru setup, will open non-drive-thru restaurants in three Walmart locations.

The Site Management Group, which has brought foodservices to more than 1,800 Walmart stores, will open and manage the three Checkers restaurants across North Carolina and Mississippi.

TTTSM will open the doors to its first North Carolina Checkers location in Walmart in mid-November and anticipates that its two Mississippi restaurants will start serving customers in February 2014. Currently, Checkers operates two restaurants in Super Walmarts in Haymarket, Va., and Oldsmar, Fla.

"This signing reflects that the Checkers brand is attracting entrepreneurs who see the potential for the brand to grow in unconventional venues," said Jennifer Durham, VP of Franchise Development of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. "The experience the TTTSM team brings will catapult Checkers and Rally's to value-conscious and hungry Walmart customers."

Since 2005, TTTSM has been opening national restaurant chains, such as Subway, Papa John's, Sonic and Auntie Annie's, in 1,851 Walmart stores nationwide.

"The wonderful thing about partnering with Walmart is that you're guaranteed pedestrian traffic of 65,000 and above," said George Leviton, VP of TTTSM.

While TTTSM typically leases out spaces to franchisees, the company is retaining the rights to the three Walmart locations.

"Our company will own and operate these particular stores because we are proud to be part of the Checkers family and we want to demonstrate to future franchisees around the country that opening Checkers inside Walmart is a profitable and exciting opportunity," Leviton said. "We've been working with Walmart for years and we wanted to find a burger chain with a fantastic product that will resonate – Checkers was the perfect fit."

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