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First launched in 1997, QSRweb serves the QSR industry by providing:
• Top-notch feature reporting on innovative brands and industry innovations.
• Insightful blogs from experts about the QSR sector’s high-interest topics.
• Thoughtful distillation of industry-wide news covering such topics as menu development and trends, sales and marketing, franchising and growth, technological deployment, brand strategy, government issues, customer experience, labor management, food-safety and design and rebranding strategies. 


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Nicole Troxell

QSRweb.com Managing Editor Shelly Whitehead has nearly 30 years of professional experience as a TV, print and online journalist and video producer.   

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A Dozen Do’s and Don’ts to help us cover your business better

  1. Do copy and paste your press release into the body of an email addressed to Editor@QSRweb.com.  (Don't attach it) Sending a PDF will not prevent copy-editing, but it will probably delay the posting of your news.
  2. Do include quotes, particularly those from key players in the subject of the release, but please refrain from quotes that state that a leader or other company official or franchisee “is excited to” be doing whatever action the release concerns. Instead, use quotes where leaders tell us why the action being announced in the release is important.  
  3. Do include names and email addresses for sources within the brand’s corporate or leadership staff that we can send a follow-up question to as well as how long a response typically takes to be returned. 
  4. Do include photographs and/or video if available and of good quality. Standard-format digital files are accepted (.png, .jpg, gif) as are video links and embed codes. Identify the source and person or place shown; if more than one person, tell us who's who (by name, title, company). Photos help tell your story. 
  5. Do look at QSRweb "if you’re pitching a story for us to develop" to see what topics we’ve been covering lately to ensure we haven’t recently written about this issue or event. 
  6. Do take a moment to send us emergency contact information if the brand has a breaking news item. Please understand that in such an event, if we cannot reach someone who can answer questions with your brand, or client, we will go to other, often less accurate sources for the information to meet our obligations to cover industry news for our readers.
  7. Do send us original story ideas that are current to the business, the consumer environment, food industry trends and most of all, the kind of stories you would want to read if you were reading our website as a restaurant industry leader.
  8. Do inform us of errors quickly and politely along with the correct information. 
  9. Don’t make a pitch that is purely promotional for your product, service or restaurant brand. Instead pitch ideas that other industry leaders would want to know about. So, for instance, if you’re opening a new location, tell us why it’s different or why that market was chosen. 
  10. Don’t tell our reporters to contact a blind media email address or include this as contact information on your press releases, rather give us the name of a real person or persons and their email addresses and phone numbers please. 
  11. Don’t send locked documents, documents that require us to obtain your authorization to open, PDFs, or other sources of information that we cannot easily work from to create a well-rounded story.  
  12. Don’t forget to read our sites, sign up for our email newsletter and most of all, have fun with pitching us because you’re in the restaurant business and you make people happy, so what’s not to like?

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