Checkers/Rally's vs. Taco Bell; McDonald's vs. Wendy's: The day of dueling QSRs arrives

The days of the dueling QSRs have begun in earnest, with five of the sector's big brands waging ad wars on one another. 

For Checkers and Rally's, the battle targets Mexican QSR, Taco Bell, which just launched a new Mexican take on the French fry. In a move to "draft" off of the Taco Bell introduction, the two burger chains ran a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times this week sarcastically offering "pointers" on the business of selling fries and proposing  a "fry fight."

The ad invites Taco Bell employees to stop by one of the burger brands for advice, according to a news release about the very public dare. The tactic is becoming part of Checkers and Rally's DNA; the two previously took on Burger King in the "Wiener Wars," which the brands said boosted their hot dogs sales approximately 200 percent.

"To say that our guests love our fries would be an understatement. We've built our business from the very beginning on our Famous Seasoned Fries," Checkers and Rally's CEO Rick Silva said in the release."And while we welcome Taco Bell to the space, true fast foodies know where to get the best fries — that's Checkers and Rally's, no question."

Meanwhile, burger chain Wendy's is "startin' something" with rival McDonald's, with a taunting Super Bowl ad calling out the Golden Arches as "the Frozen Arches" in order to play up Wendy's "fresh, never frozen" hamburger claim. 

This week, Wendy's released information about the upcoming commercial to national news organizations, including advertising publications such as AdWeek, which reports that the spot will be the first time Wendy's has aimed its guns directly at a competitor, though the two have waged online wars over the frozen beef issue for a while. 

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