KFC: Brand is getting kinda 'spacey'

The air gets pretty thin 28 miles up, so you'll excuse KFC if they seem a little "spaced out" as they prepare to send their brand name and their Zinger chicken sandwich into the stratosphere next Wednesday in World View Enterprises' Stratollite balloon.

Space.com reports that this is the first multi-day mission for the balloon, as well as the longest controlled, commercial payload-carrying stratospheric balloon trip ever taken.

The solar-powered balloon can fly up to 28.5 miles above terra firma, and has already flown a number of commercial payload "missions," the article said. The balloon technology could be important in the future to providing Wi-Fi to remote or temporarily isolated areas, as well as for monitoring and giving information about areas struck by natural disasters.

Next week though, the breaking edge technology is all about chicken and KFC, as the brand again shows it will go not only to great lengths, but also great heights, to gets its name above and beyond its competitors. 

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