Arby's now a world record-holder ... twice

Five acres. That's the size you have to beat if you want to capture the record for the world's largest advertising poster, according to Guiness World Records, which just proclaimed that Arby's took the record for that distinction this past week in Nebraska's smallest incorporated town, Monowi, according to Nebraska's Sandhill Express. 

The white vinyl tarp banner was laid out temporarily in a farm field there this week, with giant red letters advertising the fact that the chain "now has Coke." 

Arby's told the newspaper that the beverage announcement officially takes place Tuesday, June 19, but looks like those plans have been dashed. The 200,000-square-foot sign was apparently used to shoot fly-over images for that announcement and will be removed this week. 

But Guinness World Records traveled to the town nonetheless to dub the sign a record-setter. Monowi, by the way, apparently doesn't have an Arby's. In fact, the town has made a name for itself since it has only one resident and one business, the Monowi Tavern. 

And speaking of small, that's how this whole thing started earlier this week, when the chain also announced it had won the world record for the smallest such sign, which it had written on a sesame seed, as announced in this Twitter post three days ago. 

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