Glance Pay, PayMe now integrate fully with 15 top POS systems

Canada-based, Glance Technologies Inc. this week announced that its Glance Pay & Glance PayMe mobile payments platforms now fully integrate with 15 leading restaurant and merchant POS systems, including Oracle MICROS, NCR Aloha POS and Squirrel POS. This integration is key because it allows Glance to directly connect to more than some 500,000 separate POS installations in North America.

That type of connection allows Glance to directly send and obtain information from these systems, thus taking a lot of manual steps out of the process. The company said that the capability potentially makes things like auto-closing bills, pulling bills electronically, and auto-inserting orders, possible.

"Creating integrations with such a wide range of POS systems is another step forward in making Glance Pay the mobile payments platform of choice for a wide range of businesses," says Glance Technologies CEO Desmond Griffin, in the release. "Integrations are particularly important for larger chains which makes this a significant development for us."\

The 15 POS systems include:

  • MICROS (Oracle)
  • Squirrel POS
  • NCR Aloha POS
  • Oracle Hospitality Simphony
  • InfoGenesis POS
  • POSiTouch
  • Heartland Dinerware
  • Maitre'D POS
  • NorthStar

This whole capability makes it quicker and easier for restaurants to solve payment problems, according to the company, which said that Glance Pay gives an essential element back to restaurant staff: time. Glance Pay is a streamlined payment system that gives smartphone users a venue to choose where to shop and order goods, payments, access digital receipts and redeem deals, earn rewards and interact with merchants. Glance has also recently purchased a blockchain solution and is working on a rewards-based cryptocurrency, the release said.

Topics: Business Strategy and Profitability, Mobile Payments, POS

Companies: NCR, Glance Technologies, Inc., InfoGenesis, Maitre'D, NorthStar Technologies, Squirrel Systems, POSitouch, Oracle, Heartland Commerce

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