Restaurateurs will see 'immense operational changes' in 2018

Operations platform, Fourth, sees what it calls "immense operational changes" happening across the restaurant industry as tech of all kinds is deployed globally as the necessity it has now become.

That need stems from the  growing pressure on restaurateurs to lower operating costs, raise customer service, and build revenue, said Fourth COO Simon Bocca.

"The pace of technological change over the last several years has been remarkable, but we've observed that hotels and restaurants still struggle to create an integrated tech framework that automates what can be automated, and provides reliable, comprehensive insights into key performance indicators across every division of the business," Bocca said in a press release. 

As a result the company said in a news release that it predicts four major trends in foodservice this year, including: 

  • Increased use of machine learning to better forecast and improve customer experience.

Machine learning automates and streamlines correct demand forecasting putting the right inventory and labor in the right place at the right time to meet demand. New technology developments map past sales performance with respect to local weather and events, including everything from a big local sports event to major roadwork. This allows for more accurate business forecasts so restaurateurs can staff adequately for better customer experience. 

  • Increased necessity of sustainable business practices.

Customers will put even more pressure on businesses of all types, to conduct daily activity sustainably and those same customers will increasingly want to know how their favorite restaurants reduce waste and food travel distances, as well as how they support local growers and producers.

  • Food sensitivity and allergies of all kinds will gain more importance. 

With about 15 million Americans suffering from food allergies and many more with diet concerns, restaurateurs must move to both eliminate problem sources from their offerings and add items that cater to special needs, while simultaneously being transparent about all these related activities. 

  • Demand for increased restaurant data security. 

The growing number of data breaches demands restaurateurs increase their safeguard. Two thousand eighteen will be the year of adopting identity authentication technologies, which will be central to ensuring business data is better protected.

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