Taco Bell breakfast LTO gives 'egg shell' entirely new meaning

Taco Bell breakfast LTO gives 'egg shell' entirely new meaning

Any restaurant leader who has attended a conference or convention this year or read an industry publication knows that there's a lot of action today around breakfast offerings. Taco Bell's new limited-time, "egg-centric" menu item is designed to address that directly, and perhaps win a smile from some of the less restricted vegetarians in their customer base.

The chain will debut its Naked Egg Taco as an LTO on Aug. 31, just in time for the morning "drop-the-kids-at-school-and-scurry-to-work" rush. And with this menu item, the egg isn't just out of the shell, it is the shell. That is correct. The taco shell is, in fact, a fried egg.

Stuffed inside it are breakfast favorites like crisp-fried potatoes, bacon or sausage, and, of course, cheese . 

"The Naked Egg Taco strips down the traditional breakfast taco, allowing us to deliver a new flavor experience in every single bite," said Chief Food Innovation Officer Liz Matthews, in a press packet about the new item. "Shell innovation is at the core of where we experiment — and whether it’s crispy chicken, biscuits or waffles that wrap up menu item classics — we bring our fans crave-able and unexpected food experiences that leave them wanting more."

The chain is kicking up a big "ta-da" over new item, offering fans in four U.S. cities a chance to "reserve" a Taco Bell table and be among the first to take a bite of the Naked Egg Taco at a "brunch-esque" Bell & Breakfast event. 

The first event takes place in New York on Aug. 17, followed by Laguna Beach, California, on Aug. 25, Austin, Texas, on Aug. 26, and Chicago on Aug. 31. The LTO will debut nationwide on Aug. 31, the press materials said. 

The brand is using OpenTable to allow interested diners to make reservations for the events, and also is using social media feeds to offer additional seats at the events. 

The price point on for the Naked Egg Taco is set at $1.99 a la carte, or $3.99 as part of a combo with a beverage and choice of either hash browns or two Cinnabon Delights. Finally, diners not quite "ready" for  egg nudity, can order their Naked Egg "dressed" in a Gordita flatbread covering. 

The chain said that a test earlier this year in Flint, Michigan, indicated that the new item could be a real winner for the brand. 


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