Taco Bell's bell-ringer: Nacho fries biggest launch yet

Taco Bell's bell-ringer: Nacho fries biggest launch yet

If Taco Bell's bell rang, it would certainly be clanging away now over what the brand said is its most successful menu item launch to date: January's introduction of Nacho Fries. A news release said that this Mexican take on the French fry has been such a successful LTO that the item has even outpaced the extremely profitable launch of Doritos Locos Tacos. 

In fact, Taco Bell has actually quantified its success with the fries by disclosing that since their debut on Jan. 25, customers have ordered Nacho fries 53 million times, equal to 9 million pounds of potatoes, and 600,000 gallons of nacho cheese. Amazingly, the brand said that one-third of all orders have included the kicky fried potatoes.

Taco Bell said that as a result, the fries will stay on the chain's menu through early April with the continued option of adding them to any other menu item order for an additional 49 cents. 

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