Wendy's tangos with fresh mango

The National Mango Board has announced a fresh success with Wendy's introduction of a summer LTO that includes the sunny-colored tropical fruit — a strawberry mango chicken salad. 

According to a press release from the NMB, getting fresh mango on the QSR chain's menu has been the result of three years of work with brand leadership. The board sees it as a real victory for the increasingly popular fruit, which they say has previously held spots on QSR menus, but never in its fresh form. 

Mango is sometimes described sometimes as tasting like an orange-flavored peach. Wendy's said that it expects to use about two million pounds of the fruit during the LTO, which runs through Labor Day. 

"Placing more fresh mangos on the menu is one of the NMB's top priorities," National Mango Board Director of Marketing Valda Coryat said in the release. "Wendy's salad is an impressive benchmark for the mango industry and we hope this opportunity opens the door for fresh mango on more QSR menus."

The salad features iceberg and romaine lettuce tossed with feta, sunflower seeds and chunks of mango and strawberries, and topped with chicken breast meat and a honey citrus vinaigrette.  


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