Wireless temperature-monitoring, tracking solution available for shipping perishable goods

Digi International, a global provider of machine-to-machine and Internet of Things solutions, connectivity products and services, has launched the Digi Data Logger, a wireless temperature-monitoring and tracking solution for shipping perishable goods.

The product, which is attached to the shipment's packaging or pallet, or placed in direct contact with the product, reduces the risk of both machine and human error with real-time temperature monitoring and tracking via an always-on sensor, and up to six months of onboard storage, according to a company press release.

The Digi Data Logger is available as part of a subscription-based Digi SafeTemps solution, which is comprised of wireless sensors, gateways and software that allow temperature data to be monitored, logged and retrieved independent of the mode of transport, according to the release. Data transmission is capable of adjusting to various environments to take advantage of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or LTE/3G cellular networks.

Hardware and software are included with the subscription, Kevin C. Riley, chief operating officer of Digi International, said in the release.

"Product quality and adhering to mandated food and medical product safety requirements while in transit is a major focus in the transportation of perishable goods," he said. "Digi Data Logger removes uncertainty within the supply chain and, with its addition, Digi now offers a state-of-the-art solution to help ensure product safety for perishables in transit, from pre-cool to proof of delivery."

The addition of on-product monitoring to the Digi SafeTemps solution provides a single source of consistent, accurate real-time temperature monitoring for both cooling zones and perishable products throughout the entire transport chain, Riley said.

This level of temperature monitoring is especially critical given regulations from the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Centers for Disease Control’s Vaccine Storage and Handling Best Practices, which require in-transit temperature monitoring to protect the public from contaminated food.

As a sensor comes into range of the Digi gateway or a smart device with an authorized Digi SafeTemps application, real-time visibility data becomes immediately available. The data is then processed, generating an approval or warning based on the required temperature parameters of the shipment, Riley said.

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